Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I thought I'd title today's blog with my favorite part of today! :) We went to dinner with Ramalee, Troy, and Alex, oh and Steven at Red Lobster tonight. I must say that I always forget how addicted I am to those Cheddar Bay Biscuits until I take the first bite. Then I'm reminded by the first, second, and third helping of them at dinner, and the four biscuits in my take-home box, that they completely own my taste buds. They are just so good! Jack made his 2nd trip out to eat in this outing (Bob Evans was his first of course). Dinner was obviously yummy and it was really good to be able to just sit down and talk with Ramalee and Troy. Thanks for dinner guys!

Now for the less delicious parts of the day. Jack is already getting better about sleeping. He went to bed about 10pm last night, woke up once at 2am, and then slept until 7am this morning! Thank you Jack for letting mommy & daddy sleep a little longer today, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness! Jeff got up at 7am as well to go squirrel hunting with Steven in the woods here behind the house. I fed Jack his breakfast, and then we laid back down. I laid on my back and I laid him on my chest/stomach, and after that I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Feeling him there, where he had been for 9 months was just so comforting to me (and him too I think because he went right to sleep as well). Jeff and Steven emerged from the foggy mess of trees around 9am with four bushy tailed corpses in tow. Gross! They decided it'd be best to spare the cleaning of these things from my house and take them to Nanny and Granddad's to do it. Jack and I went with them, dashing to the car in the middle of what felt like a monsoon. Well, Jeff dashed with the carseat and I walked as fast as I could. Nanny made breakfast for us while we were there. Fried eggs, biscuits, and gravy. I don't normally like my eggs cooked that way, but since Nanny cooked them... I'll eat them! And they were definitely delicious (so I guess Cheddar Bay biscuits weren't my only indulge today). We stayed up there until about 12:30pm and then came back to the house to hang out until time for dinner at 5pm. It felt really good to just chill for a while with my husband and my son, and just enjoy having lazy time with my family. I hoped to get Jack's birth announcements all done and ready to send out today, however I ran out of ink about halfway through so I've got to get some more of that and finish those probably Monday. Realizing it was about 4pm, I hopped in the shower and got ready really quickly. We were about five minutes late to dinner but no biggie. I already talked about dinner, so I'll skip that. After leaving Red Lobster, we headed back home and aunt Kathy, Hannah, and Grandma Bouillion were here to have dinner to celebrate Hannah's birthday, Jeff coming home, and Jack arriving. Jeff and I didn't eat because of stomaches full of.. mostly Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Avery was really happy to see Hannah. We always joke that she's a mini-Hannah becuase she has a lot of the same habits and traits that Hannah did when she was younger. She likes dressing herself and does a good job, she is a good cleaner, and she loves smelly good, girly stuff. Just like Hannah, I tell you. Around 9pm I looked back to the recliner and Jeff was passed out cold, mouth open and everything. I went to get Jack from Aunt Kathy who was holding him, and do you know that he was sleeping the EXACT same way? Head cocked back and to the side and mouth wide open. Daddy's little boy is definitely taking after him. That's competely fine with me, I hope he takes after his daddy. Because I think his daddy is pretty darn cute! :)

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