Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun day Sunday

Only slept til 11am today! haha. I'm just telling myself that these next couple weeks will be the last that I get to sleep that long for quite a while. So indulge while you can right? After a much needed shower and a poptart for breakfast, I found myself wanting to paint my bathroom. Yes, I said paint my bathroom. So I said to myself "woah, woah, woah, just wait a minute.." Obviously that is the most random thing my brain has brought to my attention in quite a while. And then *CLICK* the light bulb came on. I am getting the oh so lovely gift of pregnancy's nesting instinct. Obviously I did not paint the bathroom. But I did get some cleaning done and laundry folded. That was enough to satisfy my newfound urge. Speaking of this nesting, why do you think it comes right BEFORE baby gets here? I mean I understand the concept, helps you get last minute things ready and blah blah blah. But don't all you mothers agree that the burst of energy that comes with the nesting is much more needed right AFTER baby gets here? I could be wrong, as I'm not a mother yet. But I'll be sure to let you all know in a couple weeks.

I was supposed to attend my Responsible Driver's Course today. After my wreck in July I was offered the option to take this course in return for no points added to my license. Of course I took the opportunity. Anyways, the class was cancelled and is rescheduled for a Sunday a couple weeks from now. Avery and I made the most of my free time tonight and headed out for a girls dinner, just the two of us. We've developed a system taking turns picking restaurants when she and I go out to eat. Tonight was her night to pick, and she chose Chinese Grand Buffet. She just likes it for the Jello! But thats okay, it sounded good to me too. We had a wonderful dinner and I realized how much I'm going to miss her during the day when she goes to school starting Tuesday. She makes me laugh so easily. One hug from her can make my smile reappear when I think its gone away forever. Goodness, that little girl is such a blessing. I don't have the words to explain how she's impacted my life. I can only hope that I can show her the same support/love she's shown me these past five years. And even though I will probably live far away for most of her life, I vow to do my best to be the same big sister she knows now. I pinky promise ;)

Jeff and I were only able to talk for about 15 minutes total today. The reception was going in and out, we had to reconnect 4 times just to get that much time out of it. He recieved two of my care packages today. One from nearly a month ago, and one from about a week ago. On duty when he recieved them, he had just enough time to take them to his bunk and breifly look through the contents. He said that it looked like everything made it there okay. The bottle of bath and body works lotion (per request from him cause it smells like me) that I sent exploded. But luckily he has a pretty intellegent wife that knew this might happen and sealed it up in a plastic bag :P Other than that he didn't really say much, since we didn't have much time to talk anyways. We both always say how excited we are for r&r and how we can't wait and all that. I told him that he sounded stuffed up, like he had a cold. He said that its because of all the dust where he is. And that the guys are all complaining that he's snoring at night. Poor guy.

New photo album on my profile for all of you facebook-ers. Its called "Blast from the Past" and thats exactly what it is. There's about 30 photos of friends, family, and myself throughout the years. Some are pretty humorous as I forgot how different we all looked just 5 years ago. How different things were 5 years ago. Change is for the better though, always. Even if its unexpected and unwanted, in the end its for the better and allows you to grow as a person in ways you didn't think you could. I'm happy with how my life is so far, that's for sure. But I can't say that I expected any of it fully. Come what may.. I'll be ready.

Love to all!

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