Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 going on 15

Avery had her first day of preschool at Southeastern today! She was so excited. She picked out her own outfit and everything. Quite frankly, she did a pretty good job! She is definitely just like her cousin Hannah in this aspect, Miss Diva Fashionista :P

Getting her nikes on, her favorite school shoes

Making sure she has everything in her bookbag

Putting on the bookbag just long enough for a picture. It was WAY too heavy for her today because she had to take all her supplies in

Avery and her proud mama!

She and her Kai-Lan Bookbag, to quote her "available ONWEE at Target"

One last picture before they're off to school!

I picked her up at 2pm and she was just as happy as when she left this morning. The best way to relay information from her will be in an interview type blog so here ya go.

Kate: "Did you have fun today, Aye?"
Avery: "YES! It wasn't as boring as I fought it was gonna be because we got to play a lot"

Kate: "What did you play with?"
Avery: "Lots of fings, play-doh, and I painted! I painted a clifford picture for you!"

Kate: "Awh thanks Avery I can't wait to see it! What else did you do?"
Avery: "We played outside at the playgwound, and we got naptime. But I didn't sleep I just watched the movie."

Kate: "Well I'm sure that's okay too. Who did you play with?"
Avery: "You know that wittle girl Stormy? From the meeting that I played wif.. I played wif her on the playgwound"

Kate: "Oh yeah I remember her, she is nice huh? What was your favorite part of the day?"
Avery: "Snack time"

Kate: "Really what did you eat?"
Avery: "I just ate what my mama packed for me. They had ofer stuff too but I did not like any of it one bit. But I think those wittle round fings were donuts.. they looked like donuts. I will ask my teacha tomorrow"

Kate: "What is your teacher's name?"
Avery: "I have fwee teachas. Miss Louis, Miss Cathy, and Miss Tammy."

Kate: "Three? Wow thats really cool! Do you have papers in your bookbag to bring home?"
Avery: "Yes, WOTS"

Kate: "Okay, well we will look when we get home okay? Did anyone get in trouble today."
Avery: "Uhmmmmm, no. We all got tokens! OH NO! I left my tokens at school!"

Kate: "Its okay Aye! So you had a good day?"
Avery: "Yeah, I like school"

Kate: "Good, cause guess what?"
Avery: "What?"
Kate: "You get to go back tomorrow!"

She just smiled after that, and said that she would just get her tokens tomorrow after she asked Miss Tammy if she was supposed to bring them home or leave them in the classroom. We went through the papers in her bookbag, and she gave me the Clifford picture that she painted :) Mostly the rest is just more forms for mom to fill out, a handbook, and a lunch menu. After telling her they were having meatloaf tomorrow we both made a face and she decided she was going to ask mom to pack her lunch again. She is now winding down for the day playing on nickjr.com on the desktop computer.

Little sister's first day of school? check. Little sister had a good day at school? check. Big sister happy that little sister had a good day? check. Big sister READY for little sister to be in school? Well, its a working progress.


  1. I can still remember Hannah going to her first day of school! It is hard to let them grow up! :) Next thing you know she'll be off to her first day of college!


  2. Thanks for fillin in for me today. It was good practice for you!