Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Home again, home again

"Who lives in That bright yellow house on the corner?", you ask?

Why, that would be me. First night in our new house! Our household goods and our new washer & dryer are supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I cannot wait to sleep in my OWN bed (: We've only been here a day and we have already started a list of projects (home improvements). Extend the fence, paint the walls, plant flowers, etc, etc, etc! We can't wait to make this house our home! But, we know we need to do what we can with what we have and tackle each thing as funds become available. Regardless, we are in a house. The biggest stress of our PCS is over. So, here's a goodnight from the family who lives in the bright yellow house on the corner (:
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A good kind of busy

I know I've been away for what seems like forever, and I'm sorry for that :(


The last two weeks have been full of fun, love, and silly times. We've been visitng family/friends in Ohio while waiting on our house to be ready.

(Saturday morning breakfast at Bob Evans w/ my family, pictured is my stepdad, Rick, and Avery with Jack)

How can you look at those pictures and not smile?

Today we are heading back to Fort Campbell. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning (I'm 32 weeks pregnant now, crazy!), Tuesday afternoon we get the keys to our house, and Wednesday our household goods are being delivered.

What have y'all been up two the past two weeks? Showing off your belly buttons too? :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We made it to Campbell

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know we made it! 
We spent 5 days driving, and got in late Friday night. We stopped to see Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, and the Omaha zoo. And my wonderful husband found a Bob Evans to treat me on my birthday! :)

The trip wasn't too bad. Jack was actually very good. His nana got him a DVD player for the car for Easter, and he LOVED it during this trip. He got cranky a couple times, but hey... he's 1 and riding in the car for 5 days straight is not his idea of fun.
We headed out yesterday (Saturday) to explore Fort Campbell, Clarksville and the surrounding area and we're slowly learning more and more about it. Trying to find a rental house here is already proving to be exhausting and its only day 2! Oy. We're hoping to have better luck tomorrow though, since all the rental angencies will be open (They have been closed all weekend). Wish us luck!

Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip.

Jeff and I

You know you're bored when...
Yellowstone was covered in snow and it was about 35 degrees and windy, YIKES! We didn't stay there for long. Silly me forgot to pack warm clothes. Isn't it pretty though?
This is where Luna was most of the trip. Relaxin' at Jack's feet with her blankie.
Lots of Buffalo in Montana and Wyoming. They pretty much do as they please...
Jeff was happy to finally see Mount Rushmore (he's a history buff). All Jack said was "OH WOW!" haha
And don't let this picture fool you, it was actually hailing while we were at the memorial. By this time, Jack and I were so ready for some warm weather!
At the Omaha zoo, they just let this guy (and his mate) roam around! Not something you see every day, but very pretty... err... handsome.
Jack's favorite stop was defiintely the zoo. This is in the butterfly house, he was amazed. (And everyone loved his hat almost as much as he does).

And lastly, a picture of me and my boy in the aquarium. I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant, and you can definitely tell!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh Sunny Day

Exactly what I wanted to see on the weather report for my last day in Washington!
67 degrees, sunny, 0% chance of rain, and 46% humidity.

We're off to breakfast and then finding something fun to do to enjoy this weather.
Eastbound first thing in the morning!
*happy dance*