Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

First of all, AH I missed a day! I know, Bad bad blogger.
Yesterday and today were both fairly busy for me. Last night, I just went straight to sleep when I got home. And tonight, well tonight you're lucky I have a teensie weensie bit of energy left. (It mostly because I'm WAY excited for my hubby coming home soon)

Yesterday I had my 38 weeks OB appointment, however I was really 38 weeks + 2 days. Everything looks great. I am dilated 3cm now, and am 50% effaced. Jack's heartbeat was steady at 130. I've also lost 2 pounds since last week, which is totally normal towards the very end of pregnancy I am told. Dr. Parks offered to induce me on this coming Thursday, 5 days before my due date. But I declined, saying that we were going to try and wait for daddy to get here :) So I have my next appointment on Wednesday, I will be 39 weeks exactly! So very exciting! After my appointment, we went to chinese grand buffet for dinner and ran into Aunt Chris while we were there. We joined her at her table. It was so very nice to talk with her, I haven't seen her since the baby shower. She is great, she's got some more baby stuff for me too, thanks Chris, love you!!! I went to visit Nanny and Granddad after dropping mom and Avery off at home. They are both doing well, and it was really nice to talk with them for a while too. Since I had been sick, I had not been to see them. Granddad got a tattoo that matches Jeff's. The tribal one with the "D" in it. Mikey did a great job, its amazing artwork. Granddad is also REALLY happy that Jeff will be home soon so that he can shave his beard! hehe. And of course, Nanny is just as giddy as I am. After leaving there, I stopped by the Londonderry Donut Shoppe and picked up a vanilla milkshake and chocolate cake donut. YUM! I forgot how good they were. I definitely will be making regular trips to get these items now. I visited with my dad since I was in the area, too. We just talked about normal things, nothing in particular. He talks about Jack a lot now, and it makes me smile. He's going to be a great grandpa. Finally, I am on my way home and when I pull into the driveway there is a huge maroon truck there. Steven came to see me! He was getting ready to leave for walmart so I went with him so we could catch up. I've missed him lots, I realized. He is doing well, still working way too much but still, he's good. We laughed a lot and just caught each other up on what's going on in our lives and whatnot. We, of course, talked about Jeff a lot and how we can't wait til he gets back. After my LONG LONG day, I came home and just crashed. Understandably, I guess.

That brings us to today. Which, in all reality, was just as busy as yesterday believe it or not. Avery woke me up around 10:30am this morning and told me it was time to "wake up and get dressed." Mom, Avery, and I left about an hour later for Tammy's house. We saw all the new little puppies she has. Yorkiepoos, yorkies, shih tzus, shnauzers, and minpin/shnauzer mixes. They are all just adorable. The yorkies are about the size of a big mouse, as they are only 4 days old. We then went to Dairy Queen for lunch. I must just say that Chillicothe Dairy Queen rocks because they have crunch! It's my all time favorite ice cream topping. And actually, I would probably just eat straight crunch if I could. haha. We stopped at Aunt Kathy's to drop off the carpet cleaner to her and visited with her, Hannah, and Brady for a while. Avery decided she wanted to stay with Aunt Kat for a while, and of course Aunt Kat did not object to that. Mom and I headed to Columbus to go to a teacher supply store up there. The first one we went to was called Holcomb's Know Place and quite frankly, it was a mess. They looked like they were going out of business or something. It was horrible, and there bathroom was really stinky. Ew. We asked the associate at the counter if she knew of any other places in Columbus and she told us of a place called United Arts & Education. Well, we decided we wanted to go check it out, but then soon realized that neither of us had brought our tomtom's. Luckily I remembered that my phone had GPS. And so we thought, "well we'll just try and get a map off of the phone or something." Heck no! That phone is better than a tomtom. It gives you step by step directions like the tomtom, but also says the roads/exit numbers out loud so that you're sure you're going on the right one. Its awesome! So big thanks to LG, makers of the lotus today. You saved us. We arrived at the next store and found out that its our new favorite. It was HUGE. And had TONS of stuff. It reminded me of a Michael's crossed with a teacher's store. Mom got everything that she needed and probably more. And I (per suggestion of my husband) got the necessities needed for me to start sketching again. Great shopping trip. We were hungry by this time so we went over to Donatos Pizza and had dinner. Another favorite of both my mama and I. Sooooo good. I ate way too much, but hey, I'm pregnant so I'm allowed, right? We picked up Avery on the way home and also some wings from Rooster's for Rick. Next stop, the living room for Buckeye Football! Ashli and Justin came over to watch the game with us :) It was awesome to see both of them since I hadn't in quite a while. Another great surprise, Jeff called! He is so excited to be coming home soon. He talked to one of the other guys thats already been on leave and it took this guy only 3 days to get from Afghanistan to back home. So we are hopeful it will only take Jeff that long as well! YAY! Its so close! I can't wait.

Now, I am exhausted and I'd say you are as well just from reading this. So goodnight, love to all!

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