Friday, September 4, 2009

Still Sick, but Hubby makes it all better.

Its been 6 days since I had to make a trip to the ER because of an asthma attack. Honestly, I feel better than I did that day obviously, but not as well as I should be feeling. I know it takes a while to get healthy again after bronchitis. I know this from much experience. I just feel that I should be making further progress by now. This morning I started coughing while still laying in bed. I could not stop. I was still getting air, but I could not stop coughing. I took my albuterol inhaler, and it subsided a little but still I could not stop. Eventually, the coughing made me vomit. (Sorry for the graphic image in your head right now). I just don't feel this is normal. I've been on a steriod and an antibiotic for nearly a week now. Shouldn't I be feeling close to normal? Luckily, I have an appointment in a couple hours with my primary care provider here in Ohio. I have yet to meet him, today will be the first time. But I have heard good things about him, and I plan on discussing my concerns thouroughly with him. Hopefully, he will listen and be considerate. Sometimes doctors think I am over-reacting when I tell them of issues I've had/am having and how severe they are. But I know myself and I know my body and something is not kosher within me. Fingers crossed, he will tell me that its just because of pregnancy that I'm having a hard time recovering. We will see.

Still feeling sickly, I was in need of some major cheering up yesterday and boy did God listen to my needs! I was able to talk to Jeff for close to 35 minutes yesterday afternoon. And then again on yahoo messenger last night for 20 more minutes! Hearing his voice instantly brightens my day. We talked about silly little things mostly. Just like he was on his way home from work or something. It felt so right to me, talking to him like that. The conversation made me realize that we are handling this deployment really well. Of course it is very difficult, some days more than others, and of course we miss each other but we really are doing the best that can be expected in my opinion! I'm so very proud of us for this. As r&r gets closer and closer, our excitment is building on both sides of the world. We know, first off, that seeing each other after any amount of time apart still gives us both butterflies, and secondly, that soon after that we will finally get to meet our little unexpected blessing! My mission now is to get everything ready for Jack and daddy. I have mostly everything taken care of for Jack. I need to get all daddy's things. His shampoo, his body wash, razors, a new loofa for him (yes he uses a loofa! haha). I need to wash his clothes so they smell fresh. And probably get out some of his wintery clothing. He will think its freezing here compared to Afghanistan I'm sure.

I'm just so excited that its time to do all this preparing. Hopefully I will be completely over this sickness by the time Jeff gets here and Jack gets here. As I'm sure I will need my energy, physically and emotionally. Well, its a lovely day outside. The sun is shining down, and its past time for me to get my day started.

Love you all!

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