Thursday, June 30, 2011

One year ago today

You know that feeling...

Of anticipation...

And getting everything and everyone ready...

And then you finally see what you've been waiting for...

And your heart skips a beat because it (he) is right in front of you!

And then finally you get to hug him, to hand him his son (who he hasn't seen since he was two weeks old).

and then you finally feel like your complete again.

Yeah, I know that feeling :)
One year ago today, I brought him home after a year long deployment.

And I'll forever remember that feeling like it was just yesterday.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hope for Joplin

If you've been following us for a while you might remember "Uncle Dan Dan". Daniel Wermuth is a great friend of our family. He is a fellow medic who worked with Jeff in 2-17 FA from 2007-2011 including a deployment to Afghanistan. He lived with us in Washington up until we PCSed to Campbell. In that time he became a part of our family, a permanent piece to our puzzle.
[He and Jack spent many days singing and playing together]

Dan is from Joplin, Missouri. And how could anyone forget the devestation that ripped through his hometown a short time ago. Dan was able to be put on emergency leave from the Army to go home for 2 weeks ASAP after the tornado hit. His dad is a pastor there and the Wermuth family has been a major part of the relief efforts there. In those two weeks Dan was home.. they helped 3500 families and served 20,000 meals. But of course, Dan had to return to Fort Lewis, Washington. His leave was up.
The brotherhood of medics that 2-17 FA has, is a strong one. These guys never hesitate when one of them is in need, be it big or small. Jeff and I feel very blessed to have been a part of that family. Not missing a beat, they have stepped up to help out Dan.

Dan and 8 other medics are giving up their 4th of July leave to fly to Joplin, MO and do whatever they can to help out with the relief there.
How awesome is that?
See a news video about it here

So this week, I'm just asking you to pray for Joplin. To pray for the safe flight of these guys, pray that God will help show them how they can help when they get there, pray for the people of Joplin.. Dan's family.

This weekend, these soldiers could be BBQing and watching fireworks with their families celebrating our country's independence, which they have fought for! But instead they are giving all that up, because they know there's work to be done in Joplin and they want to help.

P.S. If you'd like to help fund these soldiers' flights to Missouri please visit the website JFWC.ORG or HOPE4JOPLIN.ORG for more information. You could also call the Joplin Family Worship Center at 417-291-9156.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Avery!

Today my little sister turned SEVEN! Born in 2004, 6 1/2 half weeks early... she's always been smaller, but that's never stopped her from doing anything. 90% of the time we're out together, people think she's my child. And while it used to bother me, Avery has always just giggled and said "that's my sister silly!"

This little girl has brought so much joy to my life.
[at Disney World a few weeks ago]
Today, when I talked to her on the phone, I asked her to take a picture of her cake to send to me. She said "Kate, are you sure? It's a frog cake... I don't want you to be scared" Sidenote: I do have a fear of frogs, so she was being sweet :)

Avery Elizabeth, 
I hope you had a GREAT birthday. I love you, girly.. even if it was a froggy party :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jonah's Nursery

With only 4 weeks left until my due date, I've decided it's high time I reveal this nursery I've been working on.
His room is filled browns and blues, birds and trees, and lots of love! I wanted a room where serenity and relaxation take center stage. But I also wanted it to be functional, along with reflecting the old-time style Jeff (husband) and I love.

Upon moving into our house here at Fort Campbell, we were told that while we indeed were allowed to paint, we would have to paint it back to white before they start renovating our house. Renovations are scheduled to start this fall, so we decided against painting until after that. With that said, the nursery is not as... "warm" as I would have liked it to be. But I'm still happy with the way it's turned out.

Before Jack was born, I made him a plaque with his name and zoo animals on it. It's one thing I've held onto through all our moves. So Jeff and I decided Jonah definitely needed one too. I found all the materials for this at Hobby Lobby (with the help of aunt Erin!). I just love the font of the letters, it's quite adorable. I used acrylic paints, an aqua, a chocolate brown, and a cream (for the letters and also to white wash the aqua background). The owl and tree I bought already painted because I was feeling lazy they were on sale. Add some wall hangers on the back and your done.

This shelf was one I inherited from my mom's house. She didn't want it anymore, and FREE is my favorite. That way, if my plan doesn't work and I mess it up while I'm fixing it up.. I'm not out anything. Somehow that helps me cope with the many craftfails I've experienced. This shelf got a coat of the same aqua paint I used for the name plaque, and very light streaks of cream to soften it up a bit. The hooks were removed, painted with the chocolate bown, and re-attached with some wood glue.
The brown chick you see, I found at a flea market in Washington (it's legs are made of newspaper! How cool is that?).  It's little nest came from the thrift store. The birdhouse, my wonderful mother painted. And the two ceramic birdies on the other side were painted by someone (whom I can't remember at the moment) in my husband's family years ago.

Oh glider! Oh, how I have missed you this past year. Glider is one of the unfortunate pieces of my furniture I had to leave behind when I moved back to Washington last year. I'm so happy to have it back, and he is happy to be in his new home I believe. Joined with a wicker side table that came from Goodwill for $10, and a corkboard to hang all of Jonah's pictures, "Congrats on Baby" cards, and other fun paper trinkets. The corkboard obviously got a paint job too. The owls were super simple to add. I chose a picture of an owl (who's sillouette I liked), blew it up to the sizes I wanted, printed them off, and cut out the middles to leave the stencils for me to use.

This awesome antique dresser also came (FREE) from my mom's house. They bought my little sister a new bedroom suite a few months ago, and this thing was just going to go to the trash! Remembering that it already had the crackle paint look that I loved (and used on Jonah's rocking chair you can see here), I begged her to save it for me! It is old, but it still has a few more years left I believe. Lots of bleach wipes to make it safe to hold Jonah's clothes, and some new knobs from Lowe's give it new life.

Jonah's closet and a super cool shelf (from Hobby Lobby's clearance sale) competely the room.

The holder thingy on the door is for diapers (and whatever else it ends up being a good place for). It will eventually get some brown and aqua owls stenciled on as well.

I love this shelf. Well, I love the things on it.. but I love the shelf too. The deer are another pair that came from Jeff's family. The two candles and the ceramic bird are from TJ Maxx. And let me tell you, that white candle... I'm not sure what the scent is... But it's amazing. And it fills the whole room with it's.. self?

And see that lamp? Yeah... I made that! Well, sorta. You see, I orignially bought a lamp (I know I know, crazyness) It was adorable, but it didn't survive the move :( The only thing we could salvage is the aqua blue, paisley lamp shade. Now I needed a lamp... wait... I had a lamp! I had bought a lamp from Goodwill over a year ago that I liked the design of. Only problem, it was BRASS. YUCK! So, chocolate brown paint to the rescue, and waaa-laaa. New problem, the lamp was too short for the lamp shade. It ended up looking very 70's.
Brainstorming took a couple days but I finally came up with this..
And folks.. behold the ONLY craft project I've ever tried that turned out almost exactly like I wanted it to...

I measuring the bottom of the lamp, a perfect 5 inches. Off to TJ Maxx to find a vase. What do you know... they have one thats exactly 5 inches in diameter... score!
A fake flower and stones I already had add in the "nature" and "serene" feel I wanted. A little gorilla glue to hold it together and done!
Here's the part that makes me say "almost like I wanted". You can barely see it in the picture but the little brown base below the vase wasn't in my original plan. After it was finished, it wasn't really looking quite finished to me. It looked like I made it, and I didn't want that. It needed a brown base. Sitting in my kitchen I searched and searched and searched for something flat, round, and about 5 in across. Plate? no, it would look to much like a plate. Wooden Drink Coaster? no, my coasters are only 4 in.
Citronella candle lid? YES!
What are the odds that the lid to the citronella candle
(like this one)
would fit perfectly on the bottom of my lamp?
Lesson learned... Try everything, you never know what might work.
Painted with a coat of brown paint, I attached the upside-down lid to the bottom of my lamp with gorilla glue. Now it was done, really finished.

Last but not least the birdhouse I made a while ago, and the owl pitcher I found at a flea market (see blogpost here), along with a picture frame, find a spot on the second shelf.

So, what do you think? What does your baby's nursery look like? Did you blog about it? post a link! I'd love to see them :)

Being the perfectionist that I am, I almost always have something else I'd like to do or something I wish I would have done. But I can honestly say I'm truly happy with Jonah's nursery. I cannot wait to bring him home :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wearing my Heart on my Sleeve

I can't seem to shake this depressed feeling. Like I'm not me anymore. Somewhere along the lines of becoming a wife, and mother (twice over)... I've lost me. When people ask what we've been up to (Jeff, Jack, Jonah, and I), I tell them Jeff's latest accomplishment at work, what new word Jack has learned, or that Jonah has been kicking a lot lately. What about me? Don't get me wrong, I'm so proud of my little family and each of their accomplishments. But it feels like that's all I am. The one that watches, that follows, that does the background work so that they can take the spotlight. Why? WHY? Why am I jealous.

This is a horrible feeling. To be jealous of the ones I love the most. I hate that word. J-e-a-l-o-u-s. It's ugly and it does ugly things to people. I'm scared that it will make me ugly. Not physically, but on the inside. I have to stop this from hurting them any more. All I've ever wanted to do is love and be loved back. I am loved, I know this, Jack and Jeff (and even Jonah) show me every day. But I don't love myself right now. And if I don't love me, how can I love them adequately.

I've thought about what I need to do to fix this... and thought... and thought... and thought. I still haven't figured it out. I have thought "I need to go back to school" because college is something I planned on doing (before) I got married and had kids. It was always in the plan for me. That would make me feel more like me. But if I'm stressed now, how will I handle school on top of this. My boys will suffer or my grades will suffer.

I'm just sick of it all. As I type this, my sweet Jack is trying everything he can to get me to laugh because he can tell I'm upset. And that kills me. I'm supposed to take care of him, to make him feel better. When did I become so ... not like me?

Oy, how embarrassing is it that I wrote about this today, on my public blog. Maybe someone can offer some advice. Is this a normal "phase" of motherhood? Is there something I can do?
For now I will stick to praying, that God hopefully will help me find peace. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun Stuff at Fort Campbell

In Washington, I was fortunate enough to find blogs like Thrifty Northwest Mom and Macaroni Kid: South Puget Sound that compile lists of fun things to do around the area at low costs (particularly fun things to do with your children). I'm not sure if it's because this is a smaller populated area, or just because no one has done it yet, but I haven't been able to find any awesome websites like that here.
So, in an attempt to help bring myself out of my funk (see funk here)... I'm making my own list!
I'm hoping this will allow me to become more familiar with the area, and help some other Ft. Campbell girls find fun things to do too :)

Tie Breaker Family Aquatic Center (Website Facebook Page)
When: Open Daily
Cost: (Admission $7 adults, $5 children, 2yrs & under - free)

  • After 4pm (every day) - HALF PRICE admission
  • Mondays - BOGO admission (Buy one get one
  • Military (every day) - $2 off admission

Location: Hopkinsville, KY
Info: If you haven't been here yet, definitely check it out. It's a small (but fun!) waterpark featuring a lazy river, kid's play pool, and two waterslides. Probably wouldn't be much fun for older kids, but I think it's the perfect size for the younger crowd.

Baby and Me Lapsit (Storytime)
When - Every Wednesday at 10 am
Cost - FREE
Location - R.F. Sink Library, Fort Campbell, KY
Info - For infants and toddlers up to 24 months. This program is designed to expose your child to rhythms of language and music by lending a hand in your child’s development through introduction of books and reading at an early age. Expose your little one to activities that enhance both small and large motor skills; such as basic finger-plays, tickles, bounces, and activity songs. Lapsit offers both you and your child the opportunity to socialize, while spending quality time with your child.

The Fair at Clarksville Speedway (Website)
When - June 14-18, Weekdays open at 6pm, Saturday open at 1pm
Cost - FREE admission and parking (Additional cost for rides, vendors, etc.)
Tuesday June 14, is dollar day - $1 per ride!
Thursday June 16, is military day - arm bands for rides just $15 instead of $20.
Location - Clarksville Speedway, Clarksville, TN
Info - From what I'm seeing on the website this looks like it might be a fun way to spend an evening or even a Saturday.  They will have a petting zoo, pony rides, the Kent family magic circus daily, Tuesday and Wednesday will have monster trucks, and Saturday there is a car show and demolition derby (Can you say Happy Father's Day?) You can read the full schedule on their website.

Warrior Week at Customs House Museum (Website)
When - June 21 - 25
Cost - FREE for military! (Admission is reguarly $7)
Location - Clarksville, TN
Info - Customs House Museum wants to honor military families by offering them free admission during this entire week! And on top of that, you get 10% off in their Museum store as well. It's the state's second largest general museum, and has 35,000 square feet of hands-on activities. This is unique museum that the whole family will enjoy, regardless of age. Click here to see all their permanent exhibits. Personally, I can't wait to go!

That's all I've got for now folks, stay tuned for more events and fun as I find them!

Post PCS Funk

If you've ever moved (whether you are military or not), you know how stressful it can be. And I'm not talking about the actual physical moving part of it...
I'm talking about things like [prepare for personal tangent]:

  • my new home doesn't feel like home
  • there's no children's salon here to cut my munchkin's hair, and the girl in the barber shop was annoyed with my baby boy (even though he was good and held still)
  • the thrift store here isn't as good as the one where I used to live
  • I get nervous just thinking about meeting with new friends, because... well... they are new and that's scary.
  • the fact that I'm nervous about friends annoys me
And that's just the beginning of my "pity me" party. Oy, I'm in a funk. Maybe being 8 months pregnant and the weather being 95 degrees and humid daily has something to do with it.. but I sure I hope I can bounce back soon.

Sorry to be so negative today. I guess I just wanted you all know that if you have PCSed/moved recently, or are getting ready to... it's okay to be "this way" about it, and completely normal. Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gettled Settled

So far we have accomplished the following:

*bought rugs for the living room & boys' rooms
*unpacked ALL boxes
*bought Jonah's swing (it plugs into the wall, rather than going through 6 "D" batteries a week)
*put together Jonah's crib
*decided on a "theme" for Jack's new room (Trucks/cars/all things with wheels!)
*ordered new bedding for Jack's said room
*Washed all of Jonah's clothes to get them ready for him
*Been to both the comissary and Px more than once
*Enjoyed a local festival (Craig Morgan was there!)
*Started to hang wall decor
*Took Jack to the splash park
*Had two baby appointments at Blanchfield Army Hospital.
*Decided a second C-section is what's best for Jonah and I.
*Found out I'm severely anemic, upped my iron dosage, and started feeling much better and less exhausted.
*Jeff has started inprocessing.
*Jack has learned new words and phrases like "shoe", "sorry", "woo wee" (as in "woo wee, it's hot!" he picked that one up from me by accident), "huuuuhh ya!" (as in "huh ya, karate chop!"), and "nose"
*I scored a super cute maternity shirt for $6 from Old Navy last weekend that actually makes me feel cute being 8 months pregnant.
*Forgot how many bugs there were in the midwest in the summer, were reminded how many bugs there are in the midwest in the summer, bought bug zapper, bug spray, and a citronella candle immediately.
*I crafted something for our friends' baby boy (She's getting induced today, Congrats Amber and Mark!)

*I liked Trent's sign so much, I decided Jonah needed one too

It's starting to feel like home...