Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where have I been?

I realized a few days ago when I sat down to write some things down... That I started blogging for ME. To help me make sense of things. I don't know why I haven't posted in so long. I very much miss it. I guess it feels like I have nothing substantial to post about. But who really cares anyways? Those of you who read this will read it because you like to hear about our family, yes? (Even if we are boring!). I'm posting from my iPad, and I've yet to find an app that I like for posting from here.. So if y'all have any suggetions.. Please let me know!

Jeff leaves for field training for 3 weeks on Monday. The boys and I will certainly miss him something awful. While he's gone, I will be taking level 3 of the Army Family Team Building courses and also the instructor training course. We also have a few playdates with the wonderful girls and their kiddos I've met in the past few months. Weekends will be the hardest. I was planning on going home to Ohio for a week or so and being there for Valentines Day. But we have a puppy in the family now (a 9 week old beagle named Duke) and I know my mama would rather not have a puppy in the house on top of all the madness we bring when we come. I would probably be way stressed out if we traveled anywhere anyways. Being a guest in someone's home makes me stressed out, especially when its just me responsible for two babies and two pups. Yikes, scares me just thinking about it. Who knows what we'll end up doing. All I do know, is that we will be open for visitors if anyone wants to come see our crazy crew and keep us company for a few days (: