Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zzzzz, Zzzzz, and more Zzzzz

Today has exhausted me. However, I did nothing! I've slept most of today away in this poofy, comfy contraption called a bed. I have no idea why this fatigue is owning me lately, but today I finally gave in and just crashed. Well, I guess it started last night. I fell asleep for what I thought would be a short, one hour nap and woke up 4 hours later at 11pm! I was awake for about 2 hours before falling into a deep slumber again. I slept until 1:30pm today. Again, awake for about two hours and then back to sleep and did not finally get up until around 7:30pm. Thats a total of about 20 hours! Wheewww, I must have been sleepier than I thought.

So now, I must figure out what I want to talk about in this blog, because obviously nothing exciting happened on the inside of my eyelids. Lets see, my doctor's appointment went very well. I met Dr. Vanvoorhis and really enjoyed his personality. He listened to my concerns and is sending me for bloodwork and testing to see whats going on with my breathing. One of the tests is to see if I can qualify for a new injection for those suffering from severe asthma. I think I will go on Tuesday to the lab to get the tests done. We also talked about this dreaded swine flu re-appearance thats happening this fall. I told him that Dr. Parks (my OB doctor) had expressed deep concerns for my health with this epidemic. Confirmed by both doctors, I am at a pretty high risk for contracting the illness because 1) I'm pregnant. 2) I am within the target age range. 3) I have severe asthma/respitory problems. Because of this Dr. Vanvoorhis recommended that I take extra precaution throught the upcoming fall and winter.This means all the usual "avoid the flu" precautions and then some. He asked that I wear a mask when I go out into places where lots of people congregrate indoors (malls, gymnasiums, schools, hospitals, airports). If someone is visibly sick in the place where I am, I need to immediately excuse myself. I also need to pay very close attention to the signs my body is giving me, and not hesitate to notify him if I feel flu-ish. All and all I am okay with taking these precautions if it means I stay healthy. I cannot afford to be sick, I have a baby boy that needs me! Oh, and these steps will be taken in his case as well. He will be covered up when we go out. Also, no offense to anyone at all, but I will not be allowing people to hold/touch him out in public. Its just not worth the risk. I hope that everyone can understand it is best for him. When we are out of the water with this swine flu and his immune system has had time to build, he will be open to playfulness of all kinds!

Talked to Jeff once again today. He was very tired. After being awake and working for nearly 24 hours, he was getting ready for bed as it was about 10pm his time. He is so very excited to be coming home for leave soon. I asked him if he wanted me to pick up anything special to have here at the house when he gets here and he responded with his normal "Uhm, I don't know babe." I expected nothing less, he is so difficult sometimes. :P I think I will pick up his shower stuff this week and his loofa of course. I'll wait to get his favorite food items until right before though, they wouldn't last long in this house! We talked about Jack a lot, Jeff says he can't wait to see all his stuff (crib, swing, bouncer, clothes, etc). And of course we both can't wait to put him in these things and try them out. Oh goodness, our little boy is going to be so spoiled. We obviously will try to avoid it, but I have a feeling its inevitable and that the grandmas and grandpas and everyone else in the family will totally help with the spoiling. At least he'll never have any doubt that he's loved! I am so thankful that communication is as good as it is with deployment right now. We are very blessed to have the ability to talk often. They are even expected to be able to have internet on their personal laptops by Christmas. Which means that daddy will be able to use internet at his conveinence. Special thanks to our Lord and savior for blessing us with these many amenities. You are so great!

After a bonfire with aunt Kathy, Hannah, Brady, and Mel and Kyle Hutton, the Hartshorn/Krebs/Davis household is quiet. Even Titan is sleeping, and I'm not far behind. God bless!

Love to all!!

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