Thursday, September 3, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Hi all, if you are reading this, you have been invited to keep up with our little family by reading these updates. After posting updates on facebook for a while, I realized that not everyone that is important to us, has a facebook profile. I was constantly trying to make sure I copied and pasted the updates and emailed them to everyone. Ah! too much!. So I've decided to just make a blog that everyone can see regardless of a facebook or myspace profile. So save this page in your favorites! Cause this is where all the info will be from now on. Also I will post pictures from time to time. Probably LOTS of pictures, as I take tons of them. Especially when baby Jack gets here. He's going to know how to smile on cue before he even knows what its for! :)

As far as baby Jack and I, we have exactly 2 weeks and 6 days left on this eventful journey we call pregnancy. Official due date still being September 23rd. We are both doing pretty good. I am having some issues with my asthma. I caught a cold that quickly turned into bronchitis and landed me in the ER for a night after an asthma attack. But my doctors have gotten that under control with some new meds and they seem to be doing the job. Jack is very obviously getting pretty squished in his home of 8 1/2 months. He seems to get so frustrated sometimes and tried to stretch in every direction he can. Heartburn has returned for me in the past couple weeks, on account of there being virtually no room for my stomach. But all this is managable and very well worth it! We will continue to take it easy until he decides to make his debut!

Jeff is doing very well. Its been a while since I've updated on him, so bear with me while I try to remember what you know and don't know. He is BORED! He says this every time I talk to him. Which of course I have no problem with, but of course he says its getting rather mundane. He is still doing 18 hour shift duties like he has been for quite a while now. He says it is a lot but it helps make the days go by faster. I recently recieved a general update from one of Jeff's higher ups. They send these to us pretty regularly if they can so that we have some idea of what its like there. He says that life is improving every day at the FOB where they are stationed. the MWR internet service was installed recently and is up and working. However, there are only 5 computers. And that is a major differnece in ratio to the number of people wanting to use them. But, at least they are availiable. The Armed Forces Network gear arrived recently as well, and the soldiers are all pretty excited to get some tv and (hopefully) get to catch some of this season's football games. The problem is, that none of them know how to install the equipment! So they are working on getting the right people there to do that soon, hopefully before the first week of the NFL season of course! They guys are all still living in tents currently, but are waiting and watching (very impatiently I presume) as the contractors get closer and to finishing the re-locatable billets. The DFAC (cafeteria) is also still under construction. Many of the soldiers are starting to wonder if it will ever be finished. From what I hear they recently have been serving lots of burritos and enchiladas. They've even started to count consecutive days. CPT I recieved the email from says his count is at 15 days in a row currently. The mail service is still slow but has improved greatly. So again, I REALLY encourage you to send letters! Its constant reminder for Jeff that we're thinking about him here. If you need the address again, don't hesitate to ask!

All and all, our family's life is pretty good right now. The thing we are most looking forward to is that Jeff SHOULD BE coming home for r&r (two weeks of leave) towards the end of this month. Obviously I cannot post exact dates, but things are looking up that Jack will get to meet his mommy AND daddy at the same time. Which is great! Now, this is all assuming that Jack waits til he's supposed to come, so we'll see. Regardless we could not be more thankful that the army is giving him this time to spend with us. I'm also looking forward to starting my college classes at the end of October. I'm taking classes through Coastline Community College online. In two years, if all goes as planned, I will have an AA in general studies emphasis in science and math. I chose to do this and get my generals out of the way first since I still don't have a clue what I want for a career. The best part is that I recieved a 6000 dollar grant through the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Program, so I will be paying close to nothing for my first two years of school.

As you can see, things are looking really good for all three of us right now. We are so thankful to God for what he's blessed us with. I hope that everyone will follow this blog, and feel free to make comments as well!
We love you all!

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