Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring and Superheroes

Can you believe it's spring already? Man, time is flying lately. I am loving this weather though. I don't mind the storms that spring brings, if it means I get to enjoy 70-80 degree weather most days. This weekend we definitely enjoyed it!

On Saturday we went to a St Patrick's Day event on post. Jack got to make a hat, get, a balloon animal (well, a balloon "pi-da-man" which is code for spiderman), and jump in a bouncy house for the first time!

He had a blast and didn't want to leave. I was quite surprised, I thought he would hate it for sure... but he is so brave! After that, we went to a playground down by the creek. We were fortunate enough to met a very nice family who offered Jack some bread to feed to the ducks. He was too shy to take it from them, but he did say thank you from behing my leg at least. I tore off a piece and handed it to him to throw into the water. After which, he looked up at me and then promptly shoved it in his mouth and said "Mmmm yummy!" Gotta love that boy! He cracks me up sometimes. After some explaining he understood that sometimes we share our bread with the duckies and threw the rest of the pieces to them.

I have to say, I love being the mama of two little boys. I can totally live with fishing, and mud holes, etc. (absolutely no frogs though!) I am a bit OCD about some things, but little boys are supposed to get dirty right? I know what your thinking... "JACK?! Get dirty?!" But I'll have you know that today he spent half the day in the backyard playing in the mud, and he didn't even cry about it being on him.

This morning I woke up to my sweet husband and blonde-headed boy by my bedside saying it was time for breakfast. I swear, I don't know how I got so lucky. Jeff got up with the boys this morning, took them out to get newspapers for me (Sunday is coupon day of course), and THEN came home and fixed a wonderful breakfast. Scrambled eggs, biscuits, and my favorite square potatoes (I know they are called hash browns or home fries I just can't ever remember which one it is). I love that man!

After breakfast we packed up the car with the entertainment center which I so loved, but we had to return because it was broken :( While we were downtown, we stopped at the riverfront to let the boys see the boats. Jonah loved watching the water move, and the boats go by but Jack... not so much. A big barge went by pushing coal and sand and blew it's horn, and my poor boy almost jumped out of his skin. After that he wasn't really interested in anything but getting to the playground to play. He did wear his "Gilligan hat" as we've come to call it and his "cool dude" sunglasses. He's such a goofball, and I love him that way! I love that wherever we go, the boys put a smile on someone's face! Today, it was an older woman at the playground who commented on Jonah's dimples. Then I overheard her talking about Jack and Jeff, saying how wonderful of a daddy he is to be out there playing with his little boy. Jack ran over to me to say hi and then ran back to play with daddy. The woman then told me how lucky I was and what a beautiful family I had. She also told me that she wished more young families were like us. I didnt really know what to say. So, I just told her that Jeff and I are far from perfect, but our boys make us feel like superheroes every day.

Because when we take Jack to the playground, jump in puddles with him, let him help daddy in the yard... We get rewarded with the best laugh you could ever imagine and the sweetest hugs and "thank you's". And Jonah just wants someone to love on him, to hold him, to play with his animals with him. If we can do that, then he gives us the biggest, sloppiest baby kisses you can imagine.

I think every parents wears a cape, but sometimes only their children can see it. Sometimes, parents need a little help learning how to use their superpowers. If more parents took the time to learn about the "super-mommy kisses that make boo-boos go away" and the "super-daddy arms that can lift you up high and make you fly", then more children would want to be their sidekicks. And where would a superhero be without a good sidekick (:



Saturday, March 10, 2012

15 things I'm sure are floating around in my 2-year-old's head

Sometimes I wish I could hear what my toddler, Jack, is thinking. I often wonder what thoughts go through his mind and what it would be like to see things through his big, bright, blue eyes.

15 things that I'm almost sure are floating around in my 2year old's head:

1. Jello is confusing. When you poke it it wiggles, you can't smush it, and I don't know why grown-ups want to eat this square.

2. The words to every song are "la la la, lo lo lo!"

3. When doggies howl, it is polite to howl back.

4. Smushing big crickets in the house with my shoe makes my mommy kiss my whole face

5. Sharing is overrated, I don't know why grown ups say I have to. I mean really? get your own toys.

6. My mommy has this weird shiny thing in side of her nose, and for some reason she doesn't want me to get it out for her. I'm just trying to help, ya know?

7. I also tried to help mommy and put Duke (our beagle) on the potty to pee... but she didn't even say thank you?!

8. Why is it okay for daddy to say words and not me?

9. So on Halloween, we can paint on ourselves, walk around to strangers houses, and ask for candy (and you don't even have to say please).. But you can't paint on yourself on any other day, or talk to strangers, and ALWAYS have to say please when you want candy. And then sometimes you still don't even get candy.

10. Also on Halloween, you can collect all the candy you want, but you apparently cannot collect dog turds??
11. Walls totally jump out front of me, that's not very nice of them so I tell them "to time-out!"

12. My daddy yells O! H! I! O! really loud sometimes and wants me to do it too, so I yell random letters and numbers with him like "G! 5! J! 9! 2! O!"

13. I still maintain that my baby brother, Jonah, got that piece of cheese out of the refridgerator by himself, I had NOTHING to do with it and did NOT put it in his hand so I wouldn't get in trouble for it.

14. There are two kinds of chickens, the kind that are nuggets that mom makes me eat before I can have more juice, and the kind that my Nanny has at her house.

15. My mama sings really bad sometimes, and makes me wear shoes when I go outside, and ignores me when I throw a really good tantrum, and "nabbn. Hhjhjg,Benz>?" (which is a message straight from the toddler himself!)... But despite all that, I love my mama!

Okay, so maybe that last one is just wishful thinking (: