Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WonderWoman Wednesday - KELLEE!

Welcome to Livin' Our Love Song's first edition of "WonderWoman Wednesday"!

This week's WonderWoman I happen to know personally. She and I met after our husbands became roommates in Afghanistan. She found me on Facebook and we began chatting. By the time each of us moved back to Washington from the east coast, we were chatting nearly every day. She became my partner in crime sprucing up our new houses, moving in my stuff from storage, and getting ready for our hubbies' homecoming! She's become a wonderful friend to me and an amazing (honorary) auntie to Jack.  Readers, meet Kellee! from You + Me = Wii!

Kellee with her french bulldog puppy, Stitch, all decked out for the Seahawks game (She is an avid fan of the Seahawks)

She probably won't tell you, but Kellee is pretty crafty. Recently she made me this... from cupcake papers and pipe cleaners!
It's going in a vase and on a shelf in my bathroom :)

And a couple months ago after enduring my high-and-low search for the *perfect* travel mug for my tea, she customized one for me!
It's got my name on it, and my favorite print, paisley :)

And don't let me forget to show you this
Jack's first birthday cake that she made! Complete with a cowboy and horses!

But enough from me, let's let Kellee share with you all!

1. Kellee, what is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it?
You + Me = Wiiiii, my husband and I's wedding photographer took photos of us playing Wii together at our wedding reception and when she edited them into a 4 picture collage she put the caption " You + Me = Wii". We LOVED it and thought it was so "us" and clever. I added more I's to Wii because that's how I speak sometimes when I get really exciiiiiited, see?

2. What made you want to start a blog?
I started my blog only days after my husband of 4 days left after R&R. He was to be gone for another 6 months in Afghanistan. I had been blog stalking Kate and some others for awhile and decided I needed something to occupy my time while I waited for my husband to pop up on my chat window. {Did that sound as pathetic to you as it did to me?}

3. And What is your blog about?
My blog is about anything, everything and nothing at all! Mostly it is about my husband and I's crazy adventures in this thing we call marriage. Our marriage involves alot of twists and turns thanks to the Army, so there's alot about that. We also love to get out and see sights and explore things together, so there's lots of pictures. I'm a baker and trying to be a cook, so there's that too. OH and don't forget our adorable puppy!

4. How often do you post?
When I first started I posted 4-5 times a week. Then my husband came home and it slowed down to once a week for a few i'm back up to 4-5 times a week :)

5. What is one of your favortie posts? Why is it your favorite?
This is my fave post for obvious reasons. The pure joy and excitement that was captured is priceless. We will never forget it.

6. What blog do you visit most often? besides your own & Livin' Our Love Song of course :)
The blogs that I visit most are on the right side of my blog in a list. I visit most the blogs that I subscribe to, but the blogs on that list are the ones that I like the most. When I check my page I scroll down and hope that someone has a new post.

7. Describe your blog in one word?

8. Is there anything else you want to share with us?
I am slowly getting deeper into this bloggy world and I like the outlet that it has given me. It's my generations way of journaling/diary writing. As a military wife I love the support that blogging gives me and love to read about other military wives, mostly, because it makes me feel a little less alone in this crazy lifestyle!

Don't forget to stop by and say hi to Kellee and follow her @ You + Me = Wii! And if you do, tell her you found her because she is a WonderWoman!


  1. Ok so now I miss you even more! If that's even possible, love you!