Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy busy busy!

Anyone have a cloning machine? That would be really helpful right about now.
Last night I started on my "Day Zero" Project List. It's basically a challege for yourself. And it involved making a list :) A huge list. So of course my weird OCD, list-loving self couldn't pass it up. Here's what ya do. Make a list of 101 things (anything at all, as long as they are specific) and then you have 1001 days to complete your list to the best of your abilities! Cool huh?
My 101 in 1001 started October 24, 2010 and will end July 22, 2013. And Here's what I my list looks like so far:

1. Learn to sew
2. Lose 50 pounds
3. Work out at least 3x a week, every week
4. complete my first sale of something I crafted
5. go a week without internet
6. hike a trail a mt. ranier
7. visit 26 new cities starting with every letter of the alphabet
8. complete the couch to 5k program
9. run a 5k
10. send a postcard to postsecret
11. shop on black Friday
12. take a zumba class
13. go to Canada
14. watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet
15. see the redwood forest
16. read 26 books I’ve never read starting with each letter of the alphabet
17. learn to snowboard
18. cook dinner at home every night for 2 weeks straight
19. no fast food for a month
20. Start a garden
21. Eat/Cook with something grown from said garden
22. make a mosaic
23. travel somewhere by train
24. have professional family photos taken
25. go camping
26. learn to play and sing a song with guitar
27. participate in a scavenger hunt
28. go to a live concert
29. see a traveling Broadway musical
30. see the pacific ocean
31. participate in project 365
32. learn how to drive a stick shift
33. Send a photograph to a contest
34. paint walls in our house
35. Save $5 for every task completed
36. assemble a recipe book
37. Start a pin map of places I’ve been
38. Make and send homemade cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) 1 per month
39. Put together a card box complete with calendar of addresses for said homemade cards
40. give a homemade gift
41. Create shadowbox for hubby’s deployment items
42. Plan a date night in with hubby
43. Participate in a charity walk (March for Dimes?)
44. take a weekend getaway with just my hubby
45. Buy a drill
46. try 25 new recipes
47. Go to an Army Ball
48. Blog about every completely goal
49. Stick to a budget!
50. Leave my credit/debit card at home for a whole month
51. Volunteer for something
52. drink only water for two weeks straight
53. start a new family tradition
54. go geocaching

54 tasks thought off, 47 to go. Sigh, I need help any suggestions?

My other "thing" I've been up to .....
is opening up shop on facebook
The Rainshine Boutique. Specializing in all things cute enough to fall with the rainshine from the silverlining of life!
Catchy eh?

Blooming Bands aka adult headbands (Like the one seen in my logo) are $6. I can do just about any color combo you'd like. And the best part. FREE SHIPPING 24/7 on everything in the shop!
You can click my badge at the top left of this page to "like" The Rainshine Boutique on Facebook.
And if you are interested in purchasing, just shoot me an email via gmail or preferably at therainshineboutique@yahoo.com
Help me fill my shop's albums with gorgeous items I created for you :)

Oh and let's not forget the tornado that's still happening in my kitchen. Yep, still! They tore the corkboard stuff up today and found that the actual wood floor is still wet. So, we still have the stupid fans and dehumidifier.. and the guy is coming back in the morning.
AAANNNDD, on top of all that, Jack and I leave for Ohio in less than 24 hours, and I haven't even started packing.


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  2. You have a great list so far! I love 38 & 39...I have to remember them so I can put them on my next 101 list! The ones with the alphabet are fun...I'm always checking which letters I already have:) If you were closer (we're both in WA) I'd do # 8 with you...I keep putting it off. I also need to do # 32...that's what my husband has so I can't drive his car:(