Monday, October 25, 2010

Nifty Thrifty 10.24.10

First thing's first, I have a nifty thrifty for you today!
So, remember that boquet Kellee made me from pipe cleaners and cupcake liners?
(If not you can see her post about it HERE)
And here's a picture of the one she made 'specially for me!

Give it a little flare with a vase I picked up from my FAVorite place (aka the thrift store).. and a shelf I already had to park it's cute little self on and...
It has a new home on my bathroom wall!

Thanks Kellee!
The actual boquet was a homemade gift (I'm going to guess about $3 to make), the vase was $1, and the shelf I got at a thrift store in Ohio a while ago for $1. So total cost =$5!
And you could also add some small candles to either side of the vase to spiff it up even more!

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