Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo Shoot

Here's a treat for you today, a few pictures to brighten your day!
Jack can finally fit his skinny booty into his awesome Welsh shirt. Meggan and Cynog got for him quite a while ago. It's super cute! And my fav. thing about it is that it's sort of heavy-weight.. like a sweatshirt maybe. So it's perfect for the weather we have out here.

I think Jack and his uncle DanDan could play together all day and not get bored with each other. Dan recently bought a ukulele and has been teaching himself to play. Jack is learning too :) They are singing "Soooomewheeeerrre over the rainbow, way up hiiiighhh" SO ADORABLE :)

Grocery shoppin' with mama in his new Old Navy jacket.

HAPPY Girl with Bob Evans mashed potatoes and mac&cheese. Hey, if I can't actually GO to Bob's, might as well treat myself to the next best thing, right?

One of my FAVORITE pictures of him taken lately. He loves to swing!

So rotten! I left the room for two minutes and...


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