Monday, October 18, 2010

Nifty Thrifties Oct 18

Here's my introduction to a new series I'm starting called "Nifty Thrifties". (I'm on a roll lately huh? with WonderWoman Wednesdays and now this...) Anyways, posts tagged with "Nifty Thrifties" will featured items I have found at a thrift store, or goodwill, or for REALLY cheap (probably clearance) at a department store. I bring them home, give them a little TLC and/or add some creative flare and waaaalaaaa! You get to see the before and after pictures and break downs of costs, along with what I did and how I did it. Hope you likey!

Since we moved into our new house in May, I've been slowly, VERY slowly adding decor items when we can afford them. For the first couple months, I was looking for cute stuff in IKEA, and Target, etc. Realizing just how ridicously expensive that stuff is, I decided there HAD to be a cheaper way to make your home look... homey?

So I began to do some research with blogs, and DIY magazines and websites, etc. One of my absolute favorite blogs to stalk daily for creative inspiration I mean, browse every once in while ;) is She's Crafty. Rachelle posts great stuff, and is amazingly talented! You should definitely check her out.

Now, that I have you saying "I wanna see some nifty thrifties!"... Here ya go!

I bought this hideous frame from the Goodwill store in Lacey, WA. It was 99 cents, and I couldn't pass it up. Aside from being fairly atroucious in color and pattern, it was in great condition!

And here's what a can of black spray paint ($1) and a FREE collage from Walgreens can do for an ugly old frame! (Thank you Thrifty NW Mom for letting me know about the free collage!)

So with the cost of the thrifted frame (99cents), and the cost of the can of spray paint ($1), and a FREE collage. We have a total cost of under 2 bucks for this bad boy!

I have another item to share today, my mirror makeover. I found this mirror at the same goodwill as the previous one. It too was in pretty good condition for the price ($2.99) and only setback was a missing divider bar. (This picture was taken after I removed the mirror for painting)

I used the same can of spray paint for this frame, added some scrapbook stickers, and bought a wall hanger because the original was missing. For a total of $5.49 invested, here is the end result

Sorry for the bad photo qualtiy. I'll take some more of the entire wall later on, in daylight. The frame is about 2ft by 1-1/2 ft. Pretty good size, and and its monogrammed with "The Davis Family".

Hope you enjoyed my first "Nifty Thrifties" Post.. I'm currently working on a kiddy table I found today (Again, at Goodwill) for $3! So be on the lookout for those pictures soon!


  1. Those things look great! These are going to be my new fav posts!

  2. everything looks great! by the way, after Ft Bragg, me and AJ are moving to ft Lewis! I can't wait