Friday, October 22, 2010

Tis the Season... to order from Shutterfly!

If you haven't heard of this amazing company, it's high time you check it out

I know I'm not the only one that's looked at a photo and thought "Man that would look good on a greeting card!" Well shutterfly thinks so too, and they will help you create beautiful prints from your precious memories. They make it easy to upload your photo(s), choose a print design, and see your memories be given new life. All they don't just offer your simple 4x6s, 8x10s, and collages, they have sooooo many options.
I mean look at this advertisement for their award winning photo books?
Doesn't get much more adorable than that, would make a great gift for grandparents!
They also have things like these:
PHOTO MUGS! How cool is that? I don't know a single person that wouldn't appreciate an extra coffee mug, especially one with cute munchkin faces on it!

I visit this website fairly often to see what deals and promotions they have going on.
So I've been stalking their holiday section of products. Christmas is so much closer than it seems, and *being the crazy OCD person that I am* I need to prepare! And what did I find, at the EXACT right time I needed it.... Right now,

So off I went to indulge myself with holiday cheer a little early :) First off you should definitely check out their collection of Christmas cards.
If you live away from your extended family, you know how important it is to send (and recieve) Christmas cards. They are the link that holds family together emotionally when they are stuck only wishing they could be together physically for Christmas
My favorite design is this one:
It quotes one of my favorite songs, the color scheme is perfect and the black & white finish on the photos give it that "this is precious!" look. I love that there's five places for photos! I always have a hard time choosing which photo to include, so this solves my problem. As a family, we haven't had any family pictures take since Jeff returned from Afghanistan. I think it's important for us to get that done, just to commemorate that we have made it through a year long deployment and we're still going strong! This card will be perfect to show off our family photos with, don't you think? Now to get the husband to agree and I can check "Pick out Holiday card design" off my list!

I was just about to nagivate away from Shutterfly's website when I came across these bad boys:
There's a ton to choose from:
And most coordinate with a holiday card or two.

It's not even Halloween yet and Shutterfly has made me wanna turn on some Christmas music, put up the tree, and bake my weight in gingerbread cookies!

Have you ever used Shutterfly? What was your experience like?

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