Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday

After yesterday's all too familiar gloominess, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin was so very refreshing. Although, I was up before BOB (big orange ball, as Jeff likes to call the sun) today because 4am aparently is a good time to start the day in my son's eyes. He was WIDE awake from 4am to about 8am and made sure that mommy stayed awake too. So I made the most of it, put him in his swing and got a shower, did my hair and makeup, and got my stuff ready for the day out.

We left for Papaw John and Grandma Laura's house, got there about 9:45am. Lauren had mentioned to me that she wanted to read the Twilight book series so I brought over the first one for her and it has been glued to her hand ever since. She is probably still reading as I'm typing this. Although, I don't blame her, that book is definitely hard to put down and I'm sure all you Twilight addicts agree with me. Uncle Justin sat in the back seat and cared for baby Jack's every whim and need. Laura and I talked about anything and everything. I think we both were in need of some woman-to-woman venting. We got to Papaw Mel and Mamaw Katy's house a little after 11am. Let me just say that I absolutely love the decor of Katy's house. It's that old-style country, coo coo clocks, TONS of precious moments figurines, and pictures of loved ones everywhere. It's a home, and I love that about their house. Mamaw Katy immediately stole the baby :) She adores him. And Jack made a big step today.. not falling asleep when Mamaw Katy picks him up! Woo! Go Jack! I worked on fixing their computer up a little so that they could use the internet to keep in touch with family/friends a little better. Deleted lots of un-needed programs and files, changed anti-virus protection and cleaned out Katy's emails for her. So you better be reading this Mamaw! No excuses now! hehe. We had roast pork, kraut, green beans, and mashed potatoes for lunch/dinner. It was yummy! (Another great thing about their house, always yummy food!)

Jack and I are back home now. We just talked to daddy, who's very tired as he's been up for close to 24 hours now. Other than that he's doing well and the muscle relaxers seem to be helping with his hamstring pain a bit. They are due to get a shipment of mail in tomorrow morning so I'm hoping that he will get Katy and I's birthday boxes we sent to him.

Tomorrow is Jack's one month well check-up. Anyone wanna guess his weight? Jeff says 9lb 2oz and I'm guessing 9lb 15oz. Tune in tomorrow to see if you who won! Bye for now and love to all!

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  1. Thanks for going to Mom's w/me. It was nice having us time and her computer needed help!