Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just can't get enough Jack

"Daddy is my super hero"

Getting into the Halloween spirit!

Hanging out with great-grandma Bouillion

Nothing too exciting today. Jack slept midnight to 6am then 7am to 10am. Which obviously means I got the same resting hours. Gosh, I love my little boy. I didn't hear from my other love today. I think the communications are out maybe. I'm hopeful for a phone call tomorrow. Upon waking up at ten, I fed Jack and then he enjoyed his swing for a while during mommy's shower. Following, we went for a walk around the corral. Jack fell back to sleep thanks to the rocky, bumpy ride. At 2pm we met Great-grandma Bouillion and Great-Aunt Kathy for lunch at Charley's. Grandma and Aunt Kat tried everything they could muster to awaken the zombie baby. They mostly failed, only succeeding when Jack decided he was hungry enough to open eyes to eat. We sat in the dining room of Charley's Steakery for THREE HOURS! Of course we weren't actually eating for that long, mostly just visiting, catching up with each other, and etc. It was nice. We, hopefully, will do it again soon. We picked up some more formula on the way out of town and headed to grandpa Kevin's house for a visit. Grandpa was, as always, completely elated by his grandson. The smile on his face just lights up my day. I'm glad that he is having such a great relationship with his grandson already. It's so cute! :)

Now we are home and relaxing for the rest of the night. Long day makes mommy a baby tired! Goodnight and love to all!

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