Saturday, October 31, 2009


I've (once again) been MIA for quite a few days now. Good reason ahead I promise! I first want to say just how happy I am to be a mommy right now. Jack is asleep on my chest right now and he's just so peaceful. His hand wrapped tightly around his daddy's dogtags like they always are make this is bitterly sweet sight for mommy. Today we have 8 months and 10 days left of this deployment. While most days it seems it's going by fast, today it is lagging. I wish so badly that Jeff were here to share Jack's special moments. Every time he smiles I get tears in my eyes because I know how badly his daddy wishes he was here to witness it. I wish I could stop time for Jeff. I wish I could fix this for him. But I can't and I'm having a really hard time dealing with that today.

In other news, I have moved! Jack and I are now residing in our own apartment. I must say that I did not realize how much I missed having my own place until I got into my own place again. It's so nice to just relax and not feel like a guest. My mama and I love each other until the very end and it's not that I was unhappy living in her house. I just prefer my own space, especially with the new arrival of little man. I look forward to having many dinners and get togethers here with family and friends. I'm in the process of decorating now. When I it mostly finished I will post pictures. In the meantime, call and let's arrange a time for you to come visit Jack and I in our new home.

Jack news:
I am a very proud mama these past few days. My baby boy is sleeping through the night, in his own crib, in his own room for 3 nights running now. He loves the mobile that Grandma Beth bought for him before he arrived and it usually assists in his falling to sleep. He is also (not surprisingly I'm sure) growing like a weed! Eating 6 ounces per feeding now, sometimes more. He absolutely loves his swing, and will spend hours in it if I let him. And a new activity that has become part of our daily routine is kick time. He just loves to lay by himself on the floor and kick. Sometimes that's all he wants, is to be put down for a while and not cooped up in someone's arms. At six weeks old, I couldn't ask for a better little boy.

Daddy news:
From what I hear, Jeff has been able to call a lot of you lately! I'm so glad you've all been able to enjoy hearing his voice. I think it makes the distance a little more bearable to say the least. In our conversation tonight, Jeff told me that they have just opened up the new MWR facility on the FOB today. There are EIGHTEEN computers inside and he says it's set up very nicely with many more amenities. The gym is supposed to open very soon and he is quite excited about that as well. He also said that they are working on laying foundation for three more rows of CHU's (their living quarters). And when those are done, they will probably be living 1 person per CHU as opposed to the 2 per CHU they are living now. It will be very nice for the soldiers to be able to have that complete privacy that I'm sure they've been missing since July.

Overall today has been a pretty laid back day for Jack and I. We watched the Buckeyes kick some Aggie butt at Michelle's house today, picked up a few things on the way home, and have really just relaxed the rest of the day. Mommy probably should have been working on hanging some pictures or folding some laundry but oh well. A break every now and then doesn't hurt anyone. I'm about to lay this 10 pounds of sleeping baby down in his crib, have a cup of hot tea with some cookies, and then head to bed myself. Goodnight and love to all!

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