Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 down, 9 to go!

Yay!!!! I'm feeling so accomplished today. We are in single digits for months left and we're kicking this deployment's butt! Don't get me wrong it's been an emotional roller coaster on both sides of the world, but overall we are handling it very well in my opinion. Not that I ever had any doubts. It's just nice to think that I can do this, I am doing this. I'm strong enough. And the best part is that I know when I'm doing okay, Jeff doesn't worry as much. Therefore, he does better as well. Nine months and my husband will be back in my arms, and our son back in his. I can't wait!

As a reward for myself, I enjoyed a relaxation massage at Looks Unlimited Spa today. I highly reccommend this service for anyone who needs to destress. Call Melissa immediately! It was amazingly relaxing. I haven't found many thing that will let me fully relax between Jeff being deployed, a new baby, started back to school, etc. But today, for an hour I really was at peace with everthing in my mind. I even rescheduled for next month, and will probably continue to return regularly in months to come after that. I think that having my massage to look forward to every month will help the time to pass quicker. It will give me something immediate to be excited about, rather than focusing on the long term homecoming. Kudos to you Melissa the massage therapist, you've earned an additional regular client!

Jeff arrived back at his FOB safely yesterday. He is back with his unit and enjoying the many new amenities that have been added to his abode since he left. He says the food at the newly operating DFAC is much tastier than what he's become accustomed to so far. There's been a downgrade in some of the other conveniences, however. There is no longer access to computers and internet availible for use. Aparently, the sattelite has been tampered with by one of the soldiers, resulting in the sattelite eventually breaking. Now, they have to wait for someone to come to the FOB to fix it. When this person is coming is currently unknown but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be soon and that the soldiers will STOP messing with things! In addition to no computers, the number of telephones available has been cut down to three for the entire FOB. Meaning hugely long lines and even more limited use. A new MWR tent (where the computers and phones are housed) is being built at this time. The word is that the current computers and phones will be moved in as well as additional of each, as soon as the tent is completed. How many computers and phones will be added? Who knows. While the decrease in communication tools is grounds for being a little discouraged, I just have to remember that we are blessed that they've maintained any contact devices at all.

Dear Army,
Thank you for your efforts to keep families close emotionally when you must physically separate them. You catch a lot of heat from military and civilians alike claiming you don't do anything for families. I am apologizing for them. It's inevitable and known that military families will probably experience at least one deployment in the wartime we are currently enduring. You must take my husband, at least you're trying to help keep us as comfortable as you can. You don't hear it enough, this is an Army wife saying thank you!

a very proud army wife.

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