Saturday, October 24, 2009

So hectic!

No I didn't die! I know everyone was worried since it's been... what four days? since I blogged last.

Anyways, I've just been living the life of a gypsy pretty much. Avery woke up Thursday morning with a temperature of 103, indicating that her flu (h1n1) had relapsed. Great. At this time, I pulled the mommy card and decided that Jack and I would make the trip to Londonderry to stay with my dad for a couple days until Avery was better a.k.a. fever free for 24 hours. Well, we're still waiting. Last I have heard, she is still running a fever. So here we are. And to top it off, my brother Maxwell started running a fever Friday! Just not nearly as high as Avery's. His hovers around 100-101. So Jack and I are staying put here at Grandpa Kevin's and just making sure to keep our distance from Max.

I've also made a big decision over the past 4 days. Yesterday I put in an application at North River Place Apartments for Jack and I. I'm so excited. My decesion is not influenced by any unhappiness at my mom's house. I'm just ready to be back in my own place. It's very hard to move out of your parents house and then go back later, especially with an infant. If everything works out right we will be living in unit d-9 very soon. I'm supposed to get a call sometime Monday or Tuesday. You all will be the first to know! Besides Jeff of course, I think he has a right to know first where his family is living. hehe.

Jack just put his pacifier back in his mouth all by himself!!!!!

Now I must go love on my little future honor student! :)

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