Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My new lifeline

So, I found out the hard way that cell phones and baby bathtubs don't make for a good result. My poor, poor LG Lotus went fizzled away in the toddler spa before I could salvage it. After many what I consider unnecessary jokes and ridiculing, my oh so loving husband and I decided that I could not go without a cell phone. So Jack and I packed up in the car and headed to the Sprint store, taking the recently bathed Lotus with us. We made a quick stop at the post office to mail daddy's birthday care package first. It will get there late (his birthday is Saturday) but at least he'll get it eventually. Upon arriving at the Sprint store. An associate who I normally always deal with there, Garron, immdiately approached me. As he was asking me "How can I help you today?" I think he saw the humor/frustration on my face. I told him what happened, and he kind of laughed. Proceeding, we found in my account that I would have to pay full price for a phone because I was not yet eligible for any upgrades. Okay, that sucks, but I was expecting it. I started looking at my options. There's hardly any non "smart phones" anymore, and no phones under the price of 300 dollars. Consdering these two things, I decided I would spend the extra money and get the smart phone that I wanted. It came down to two final choices, the Palm Pre and the HTC Hero. Both touch screen, one with a QWERTY button keyboard, one without. One an android phone, one not. I decided on the HTC Hero. It's much like ATT's iPhone. It harbors wi-fi, and has tons of applications that you can install, depending on your interests. So far I have installed just a few applications. The ShopSavvy app. allows you to scan barcodes using the phone's camera, and then it tells you where you can find the item the cheapest locally and online. The Calorie Counter app. also scans barcodes, then tells you how many calories are in the food item. The third and last app. I've installed so far is called Shazam. Shazam listens to a song thats currently playing and identifies the title and artist. It then saves it to your phone as a reminder for you to purchase and download it later. Overall, as you can probably tell, I'm still learning about this phone, but I'm loving it so far.

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