Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What we've been up to

I've been posting lots of random things lately so here's what we've really been up lately...

Jeff went snowboarding with some friends from work and had a blast.
(He is going to miss these guys so much when we PCS to Campbell)

The boys' awesome Aunt Kaylee made them matching onesies with adorable little owls on them! Thanks Kaylee!
(And she sent them from Hawaii, paid like 2 bucks to ship them, and they got here in 4-5 days... how awesome is that?)

We decided to use Penske and rent one of their moving trucks for our move. They offer unlimited miles, and this baby runs on diesel (bettering our gas mileage and saving us money). The only thing we're concerned about is driving this monster with the Equinox attached to the back!

We took Jack to Northwest Trek (a wildlife park near Eatonville, WA that we love)
It poured down rain, so we enjoyed the tram through the 435-acre free roaming area.
(notice how they're making the same funny face? that happens a lot and it makes me happy)

But I guess I make some funny faces too...

We had Jonah's 24 week checkup. He is growing right on schedule and his heart rate was in the 140's. He kicked the monitor thingy while the doctor was trying to find his his heartbeat, taking after his big bro' already!
I just asked Jeff "Do I really look THIS pregnant in real life?" I had no idea I was showing so much. I mean, don't get me wrong.. I feel huge. But I kind of thought I was still in that "I wonder if she's pregnant or just fat?" stage...

And I have to brag about Jack before I can close today. He's been extremely lovey-dovey on his mama this morning. I think he can tell I've been a little stressed out about PCS stuff. He's such a blessing (:

What have y'all been into? Anything interesting?
(Come on... anything is more interesting than us deciding on a moving truck...) 

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  1. beautiful post. Lovin the updates. keeps us in the loop. MIss you!