Monday, March 7, 2011

Nana's Trip to the PNW

Last week my wonderful, amazing mama came to visit us!

Jeff was able to get off work early enough to come to the airport with Jack and I to pick her up. I was so thankful for that because it was pretty close to Jack's bedtime and we all know how cranky toddlers can be when their sleepy. But of course even though daddy was there to help, Jack couldn't let nana's arrival go smoothly... I mean how boring would that be right?
He slyly slipped out of daddies hand and took off full-speed ahead up the down escalator

Less than 2 minutes later, Nana arrived to meet a bleeding Jack and a teary-eyed, worried me. All's well now, but it was definitely a scary experience.

The very next day (Tuesday) was filled with just as much excitement. We went in for our 20week baby bean ultrasound. And found out that we are most definitely having another baby BOY!

Introducing... baby Jonah!
(Do these straight-on face shots kinda scare anyone else?)

My mama helped me register at Babies R Us... because get this... whatever is still on the registry (unbought) 3 weeks before your due date.. you get 10% off of! 
We aren't going to have a baby shower this time around since it's our second baby. But we will probably just have a "Kate and Jeff are having another baby" party when we come to Ohio to visit in May. Just to get family and friends together to celebrate Jonah and allow for everyone can see us while we're home as well.
Nana in full spoilin' mode while she was splurged on Jack and bought him an adorable pair of chuck taylors

Jack and I took Nana on her first trip to Seattle! (She has been to visit us in Washington twice before Jeff deployed, but both times she came it was for medical reasons so we didn't get to do much sight-seeing)

We took her to Pike Place Market

And we rode the monorail to downtown (Jack loved it!)

And then we took her to see the water!

Jack had a wonderful time with his Nana and I think it's safe to say she felt likewise!

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  1. Congratulations on the great news! I remember being so excited when i found out the sex of my babies. And it sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mom. :)

    Visiting from the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup. Have a great weekend!

    Wife on the Roller Coaster