Saturday, April 2, 2011

Davis Moving Book

Warning: You are about to enter the OCD world of Katelyn Davis, enter at your own risk. (And no making fun of me)

If you've ever done a long distance move, you know how much work and coordinating go into it. Add the Army into the mix, and there's a lot of paperwork, planning, and particulars to be considered. So, being the freak that I am... I decided we needed a book. It may be overkill, but I already feel better with all our moving information in one place.

Introducing the...
(Isn't my little house drawing awesome? I'm not gonna lie, I put the word "Book" too far to the right and it was bothering me so I had to balance it out)

This is the "go to" place for our move. Our very own PCS bible, if you will. Otherwise known as a 1/2 inch three-ring binder I got at walmart for 2 bucks.

Inside are my categories.

1. Moving Truck Information
Well that's pretty self-explanitory. In here, I have estimates from Uhaul, Budget, and Penske. I have a list of all the particulars we need for our move (i.e. a car dolly, 24 furniture pads, 3000 miles, 10 days, etc.). And when we actually reserve the truck our reciept and insurance information from the truck company will go in there.

2. Helpful Information
All the research I've done on PCSing and DITY moves is in this category. As well as anything that doesn't fit in with any of the other categories. A list of PCS pay entitlements is in here, all the papers we get from our DITY briefing will most likely go in here as well.

3. On the Road
The tentative itinerary for our road trip is the only thing in this section so far. But I am going to add other stuff too as I get it done. Lists of 4 hotels (with phone numbers and addresses) for each city we are planning on stopping in. Information about Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and Blank Park Zoo (the attractions we are stopping to see). A list of hospitals along our route (just in case!). And most importantly this will be the section I will store all of our reciepts in. We have to save food and hotel reciepts for the Army, and gas reciepts we will keep for when we file taxes next year.

4. Box Inventories
Inventory lists for each and every box. Like I've done with each move I've made, I take inventory of each box I pack and label each one. Labeling is done with a letter (standing for which room the contents belong to) and a number. L - Living Room, M - Master Bedroom, K - Kitchen, etc. Example: Box "L-1" contains things from the living room and will correspond with the list in my book titled "L-1".
(I would highly recommend doing a box inventory if you are having the Army and JPPSO move you. And include pictures of each box packed but open, so the contents are visible. Would prove very helpful if you have to file a "you broke/stole my stuff" claim after you move)

5. After we arrive
List of property managers and companies in the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area. Profiles of houses we are interested in (printed from the internet, and will be updated up until we leave). Reciepts from hotels & food after our arrival (during route and after arriving are two different categories of reimbursement when dealing with Army finance so they have to be kept separate). Also a list of stuff we need to do after moving... submit change of address to post office, banks, family, etc., update car insurance, call Tricare for new doctors...
(This last category is just so I don't to go searching for a "Stuff to do with Jonah" folder after we get to Fort Campbell)
6. Stuff to do with Jonah
This is pretty self-explantory as well. Reciepts and warranty informations for baby gear we buy. A "things you need for baby" list I printed off Babies'R Us. Registry information. Pictures of the nursery that is the inspiration for Jonah's :) 

I'm so happy to have this mess cleaned up and organized! The pink notepad is still in the inside pouch and a pen, as I'm still packing and writing box inventories.

And I have to say thanks to my hubby for keeping Jack and our "visitor" occupied while I was doing this. We watched Jaelin tonight for some fellow Army friends so they could go out for their anniversary! I think Jeff is enjoying Open Season: 2 just as must as the little boys are though ;)


  1. I would never make fun of you for this lol for the simple fact that I WISH I had done it myself the first time!! For our entire trip we called a town ahead at like 10pm trying to find hotels!! Then when we got stuck in that blizzard and we were finally picked up, Jared for once had the mind to grab his folder with his new orders and stuff in it. Unfortunately when getting the the truck a huge gust of wind came up and blew the folder out of his hand!! so of he went tromping threw 4 feet of snow collecting papers off the fence lol.
    We also lost some receipts and were not able to get that money back!!
    What you are doing is what EVERY family should do when pcsing. It will save you so much time and stress!!

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