Monday, March 28, 2011

I hope you never have to

"You think you know my pain, but I hope you never have to. You don't know the way my heart breaks every time you kiss your significant other, taking for granted the time you have together. You don't have the lonely days spent wanting someone to kiss or a hand to hold. You can't know about my sleepless nights, listening to our song attempting to fight back my tears, but losing miserably...You don't feel my heart shutter whenever I hear his name or about the US Army. But you also don't understand the pride I feel whenever I see the American flag or the army logo. You don't understand the miracles of pictures or the importance of capturing the little things in life that you can't share together, but want him to experience. You can't believe in the power of "I love you" if you hear it everyday. You don't know how it feels to cry yourself to sleep and wake up reaching for him only to be rushed back to reality and have your eyes well up with tears once again. You would not know the sadness in goodbye and you would never be able to fathom the feelings of happiness, the overwhelming sense of joy, and the ecstasy that escapes when you see him for the first time when he gets home. Hardships are part of the battle but loving him is worth every tear. He is the only one who can make me feel like a woman, help me to believe in myself and he is the only voice that calms me down when I cry. Whenever I read his letters, hear his voice, or see his face; I know I have made the right decision. He is the man I love, he is the man I live for. He is the man I bear this pain for, and I hope you never have to."

No I'm not feeling down today or anything.. I just came across this quote that a friend (thanks Erin) posted and loved it. Jeff has been back from his first deployment for 9 months now. But there are constantly families everywhere missing their soldier... I think it's easy for us to quickly forget that after our own soldier comes home...

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  1. wow..that pretty much explains the hardship. I walk around despising people with their boyfriends or husbands sometimes. lol