Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adventures of Parker and Jack

Cuteness overload alert! 
Majorly adorable baby pictures coming your way!

I'm making books for Jack and my (honorary) nephew Parker. Jack and Parker are both going to be big brothers soon, and with all the commotion of a new baby coming into the house, I thought they should have something just theirs.
Parker's mama and I are somewhat of what we like to call "life twins". We have never lived less than 1200 miles away from each other but we pretty much lead the same lives. Our birthdays are a month apart, Parker and Jack were born a month apart, our husbands came home from deployment a month apart, and our second baby boys are due a month apart this summer. And that's just the beginning. Last April we went on vacation together to San Antonio (it was a blast!) and we discovered we had even taken the same hairstyle picture to our stylists for our haircuts.

So, naturally Parker and Jack are somewhat alike. So here's a little preview of some of the pages in their book. Made from pictures we've each taken of our kids doing the same things. The title is "The Adventures of Parker and Jack".

"They have buckets on their heads"

"They help with the dishes"

"They wear glasses"

"They get kisses from their mamas"

"They loved meeting their daddies"

"They rock sunglasses"

"They sleep in their toddler beds"

"They aren't sure what to think of their blue bumbo seats"

"Their mamas love Steak 'n Shake"

"They are best buddies!"

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