Thursday, March 24, 2011

a DITY move.. my brain hurts

We were originally planning on letting JPPSO (The Army's relocation department) move us to Campbell. Which means they would pack up our whole house, they would move all of it, and they would move it in when we arrived at our new house. Sounds great, huh?

Well, because "confusion" between Jeff's unit and people at Waller Hall (the people that give him his orders) we are past the deadline for doing a JPPSO move. The average wait time right now for a move date is 60 days wait from when you do your JPPSO briefing. And Jeff can't do the briefing until he gets his orders. We are scheduled to leave here May 10th, Making March 10th the deadline for him to do the briefing, and we're clearly past that.

So, what does this mean? We will be packing our own house, moving our own stuff, and unpacking everything ourselves upon our arrival to Fort Campbell.
I'm trying hard not to stress, military families do this all the time. But the truth is, I'm going to be 8 months pregnant. And so packing wise, I'm going to be virtually useless. We were planning on driving our vehicle anyways, so nothing changes as far as that. But there are a lot of "what if" and "what should we do about this" questions.

Should we sell our cavalier? (that we JUST paid off) because how are we going to drive a moving truck and my equinox and Jeff's cavalier
Should we rent a U-haul or use a service like PODS (where you pack, they move)
How can we be sure about picking a house without being there? (because we are going to have all our stuff with us, we can't be in a hotel forever)
Should we stop in Ohio or not? We have stuff in Ohio we need to move to Campbell as well, so it'd be perfect if we could just load it in the moving truck on the way BUT...
the moving truck is $60 plus mileage (75cents a mile). So we'd have to pay for the extra miles to Ohio, and pay for each day we spent in Ohio. Needless to say, we'd have to stop, load all our stuff, sleep, and then leave. And that would make us sad, not to spend any time with family :(
AND who will help us unpack at Campbell? I mean, we have friends here to help (men to move heavy stuff). But we don't know many people at Campbell. (Amber- I know Mark would help, but it's right around Trent's due date and we don't wanna take Mark away from you two!)

Sorry, I know this is a confusing and big blob of a blog. But I just needed to vent. I feel a little better just getting it out. Off to start packing (I like to get a head start so I don't HAVE to pack every day)


  1. Stupid Army. I can't believe they screwed yall over too! Send me an email with all of your questions and I'll break it all down for ya (since it seems that we keep missing eachother this week cause i'm working so much)

  2. What I would do if I were you...I'd do the PODs. In the mean time, if you are financially able to, I'd send one of you two to Campbell to look for a place to live closer to your moving time. I know that it's ideal for the both of you to go so you can agree on maybe see if he can take leave? So once you have your housing situation figured out, and you're all settled in, and you have baby Jonah. THEN go to Ohio to get the remainder of your things. I'm sure you'll be making a trip up after he's born so everyone can see him, so that would work out much better than driving all over God's creation shelling out a ton of extra $. Just a suggestion though. :)

  3. I guess Ft. Hood is different. We went to a briefing and had our stuff packed up by the Army the next week for when we moved. That sucks, I'm sorry. I hope your move goes as smoothly as possible! <3

  4. So I think Ive mentioned before that we did this move only opposite directions. We did full DITY also. I looked into pods and honestly it was EXPENSIVE for us!
    Jared ended up taking extra leave so that we could go from Campbell to WA. When we made it there we put all our stuff from the uhaul into a storage unit, left Rylan with his Grandparents for a week and went to Ft. Lewis. We used this time to pick out our apt. then we went back and got a uhaul and our stuff. Which only took about a week.
    But that probably wouldn't be best for you guys being so close to your due date and the distance from you hometown in Ohio and Ft. Campbell(which I dont know lol)
    Before we left there I sold my Toyota Carola.
    WORST decision ever. It was given to me by my mom so I didnt have interest or an immediate time line to pay her back. Selling cars in this economy is hard, no one wants to pay what a car is worth. Which may mean your out money when trying to buy another one when you get to Campbell.
    I dont know if either of you would feel comfortable but you could get the hitch for the uhaul and tow one car??

    I wish I could help you out more Kate!!