Sunday, March 13, 2011

Small Town Life

My husband, Jeff, and I are old souls at heart. We like antiques, we play scrabble while watching jeopardy on a Friday night, and spending time together is the ultimate "great weekend!"

Last night, I had a hot date. And my hot date knows me well, he took me to play mini-golf! Black light mini-golf at that.
It was so cool! Everything was glowing and they had great music playing. Of course I kicked his butt too. (Or he beat me by twelves strokes, same difference)

Afterwards we saw Rango in the theater. (Allowing me to cross off the letter "R" in movies for my Day Zero project). The movie was pretty good. It had a really good message in saying that who you are does not depend on what you call yourself, rather it depends on the deeds you do. And I loved the typed of animation they used. Technology is amazing, using it they were able to have Rango (the main character) actually mimick Johnny Depp's body movement. Husband says "It was just really funny" and also says that he loved how they subtly picked fun at other western movies (John Wayne is his hero).

This morning I woke up to find Jack STILL asleep, reassuring me that he had a blast last night hanging out with his uncle "DanDan" as he calls him. Because of daylight savings we had missed church, so we opted for a good breakfast at the diner! Jack's favorite server, Amy was in this morning and spoiled him rotten of course. It's amazes me how many people just fall in love with Jack when they meet him. He made friends with Amy's husband today and also with a couple that had a 2 year old granddaughter. He knows just how to turn on the charm and flaunt those cute little dimples and big blue eyes. He even got a lollipop from Amy the way out.

It wasn't raining (for 10 whole minutes) after we left the diner so we decided to enjoy the outside a little and let Jack run off some energy. There's a great park in our town called Cochrane Memorial Park. It has no playground equipment, its just a path around a 8 beautiful acres of natural scenery. And it serves dually, it's a water reclamation facility as well. Which means, it uses natural elements to reuse and clean the city's wastewater, making it usable for all purposes except drinking water.

Jack loved running around, and we loved watching him enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. Daddy was never far behind him though, he can't be trusted to stay out of the water..

I think the ducks were his favorite part, he kept saying "Oh wow!" and squealing. He tried so hard to catch one!

We found these gorgeous flowers starting to come out of hiding as well. I've never seen these flowers anywhere but here in the Pacific Northwest, but they sort of remind me of bells when they are fully bloomed. (P.S. Have I told you how much I love the camera on my phone? It's 8.1 megapixels and I took all these pics with it!)

At the end of our walk, Jack left with muddy shoes and pants he couldn't have been happier! Well, he was happy after we took the muddy pants and shoes off and gave him his sunglasses and lollipop.

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