Monday, February 28, 2011

Let It Be

This is what I have to do. I HAVE to. I can't keep worrying about every little thing, getting mad about every little thing that doesn't go the way I planned. I can't.

Dear me,
Just Let it be. Let everything be the way it wants. The world can handle itself. You have a wonderful life and you need to snap out of it and realize you can enjoy life. Dance with that beautiful baby boy laughing and dancing his heart out for you. Smile because the baby you have yet to meet that kicks you at just the right time to let you know he or she is doing just fine. Hug that wonderful husband of yours that loves you uncontionally and would do anything just to see you smile. You are blessed to have these amazing people in your life! And in the end, love is all that matters. You have to let it be. Let everything just.. be.

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