Monday, May 31, 2010

Checkin' In

Feels like I never stop moving, except to go to sleep. Setting up this house and shopping for the furniture and decor items has kept me really busy. As well as helping out and hanging out with great friends! Just wanted to check in and make sure everyone knew I was still alive and bloggin', the Today Kellee and I went to Ikea (my second time going this week!). I bought our dining table, a bedside table for Jeff and I, and a crib mattress for Jack, a tent for Jack's room, a moose hanging rack thingy for Jack's room (pictures soon), and kitchen dishtowels. I bought lots of other stuff there earlier this week too. I still need to get our guest bed, a crib for Jack, lots of curtains for all the windows in this house, and a bookshelf or two. Then everything after that will be optional. I am not used to having this big of a place to decorate. There is so much wall space. I've bought a few things to hang on the walls but it still looks so empty. My dad shipped all my framed pictures and other wall things to me, and they should be arriving Wednesday, so hopefully once I get that stuff up it will be better too.

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