Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kitchen/Dining Area- Check, well kinda.

That's right folks, I actually made some progress today! About time right? I've only been here ohhhhh about 18 days. Since June marks the last full month of deployment, I motivated my butt into gear today. I was up before Jack today (that rarely happens, anyone who knows me knows I'm not a morning person, in fact I loathe morning). Anywho, Jack and I took Ty (Marcy's son) to school today since she had some stuff to do with her other munchkin. After that, I finally got some tea in me and proceeded to sit my bum on the couch for a while and enjoy Sesame Street for the 23095723059th time with Jack. (I really need to get him another DVD, for my own sanity). My boxes from that my dad (God Bless him) shipped to me came today via UPS. And I think that was the turning point for me today. When I opened them, I instantly felt more "at home" in my house. It's our stuff. Our things. Our memories, It's Jack's stuffed animals and books from all the people that love him so much, our Welsh love spoon Meg and Cynog gave to us at our wedding, the bible from Nanny and Granddad that we cherish so much, my plaque from my mom that reminds me she'll love me (us) "forever for always and no matter what", all the letters we've exchanged over the years, the medical ID band and the hospital beanie that our baby boy wore in his first hours of life, and the scrapbook full of memories that displays the first months of Jeff and I's relationship that started it all. Between my mom and dad's divorce and my adult military life, it's been hard for me to feel at home in any place. These things, they mean home for me. They tell me that I'm in my home, not just a home. The boxes aren't fully unpacked, but I soon will start spreading "home" throughout my house and let it fill my heart in the process.

I know, I know. Enough sentimental stuff. So without further to do, here's the progress I've made in my kitchen/dining area! Theme.... BEACH!

The Davis family calendar! It's basically a sticker with a dry erase marker. But oh how I love it. I'm a planning freak. To have my schedule and to do list right here handy is awesome!

Dining area. Table is from ikea, it has a hidden leaf below the main tabletop that can be put in to allow for room for guests. I still need curtains for the sliding door, CHAIRS, and a rug for underneath the table. Also going to find more things for the wall, it's just so darn big.

The sole piece of decor I have on the wall right now

Kitchen Sink Area, don't mind the kettle in the sink

Other side of the kitchen. Love my new lighthouse! I have a quietly growing "thing" for lighthouses. I also can't wait to pop open that bottle of wine when Jeff gets home (Thanks aunt Chris!). Let's hope he doesn't make slushie out of this bottle ;) Love you babe

Not finished, but at least I got something done, right? Now the living room? It might be a while before you get pictures of that! Jack's room is next on my list. He's got some really cute stuff for his room, but I wont tell! You'll just have to wait for the pictures! Tomorrow Kellee and I are going to Romancing the Spouse in Dupont tomorrow. It's an event held to help the spouses of deployed soldiers get ready for their hunnies to come home. Lots of freebies and coupons! And who doesn't love freebies and coupons? Needless to say, Jack is doomed for yet another girly day. Daddy will have to do man dates with him when he gets home to make up for all this girly stuff I put him through.

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