Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Steilacoom, Washington

Because I'm feeling a little BLUE :( today about leaving Ohio, I decided to look up some pictures of the town I will call home. It's a pretty small town so lots of stuff is withing walking distance, which is one of the things I love about this town.

Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaa... Introducing.... Steeeeilacoom, Washington! (That was my cool, WWE announcer voice, in case you were wondering)

A view of Sunnyside Beach (13 minute walk)
with some of the town behind it.

Pioneer Orchard Park (20 minute walk or 3 minutes by car)
In July and August, a concert series takes places here. Every Wednesday there is a free concert at this bandstand.

They hold a big 4th of July celebration every year, it begins with a Fun Run really early in the morning, and concludes with a Gala Fireworks Display over Puget Sound. There is a Street Fair, Street Dance, Beer Garden, and, of course, a Parade.

In October, they have their annual "Apple Squeeze". Which, from what I've read is the Apple equivalant to the "Pumpkin Show" that is held in Circleville, Ohio every October.

There's also a Farmer's Market that takes place every Wednesday afternoon in the downtown!

I've been to Steilacoom before, and it's so very quaint, and quiet, and laid back. I just can't wait to live there. (Although I do wish I could pick up Chillicothe, and move it just a little closer).

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