Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Holy moley, where do I even start...

Apologizing for being absent so long sounds like a good beginning. Business has been wholey surrounding the Davis family lately. Jeff is doing convoys almost every day, so we aren't getting as much communication as we're used to. But we know that this deployment will soon be over. Redeployment is on the horizon and it's so close, it almost doesn't feel real. But the truth is, Jeff will be home in less than two months!

Jack, Luna, and I made it safely to Washington on Saturday May 15. We traveled the 2500 miles in 3 days! I can't say enough about how amazing both my babies behaved.

After a trip as well as the one we had, I had a feeling something was going to go wrong, and boy was I right. As we pulled into the parking lot of Harbor Oaks Apartments, I started to get a bad feeling. I just told myself I was being paranoid and parked the car to get out and look around. In my 20 years of life, I've never witnessed a drug deal... until that day. Right there in plain sight in the honda accord next to me a very shady guy (around thirty) sold pot to a teenager. I jumped back in my car and made the decision to get us the heck out of there. I saw three cop cruisers pulling in as I was pulling out onto the street. It was not a good neighborhood, that was evident. And in all honesty, the pictures of the place were very misleading, it was a dump. Needless to say, I did not sign the lease.

I called my (AWE-SOME) friends Jeremy and Marcy in tears and they housed Jack, Luna, and I for a few days and helped tremendously in the house hunt. We ended up signing a lease for the house that is the other half of the duplex they live in! Jeremy and Marcy - I don't know what I would do without you! Thanks doen't seem like enough of a word but I don't think any other word would do either.

It's in Yelm, which is the city we lived in before. It's a little further from post than we ideally wanted to be but you can't beat a safe neighborhood, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a fenced backyard, and great neighbors :) It feels very ... like home, here (for lack of a better way to explain it).

We have been striving to settle in and it's definitely a slow process. There are many things we still need but we are purchasing the big (expensive) items one thing at a time. We want to avoid financing at all costs (no pun intended). We still need a mower, a convertible crib for Jack, a dining table/chairs set, a guest bed,  and possible new living room furniture. Then of course, all the decor items need to be found as well. So it'll be a while until we are fully settled and not adding things to our house. But we have the essentials and that's all we really need. P.S. BIG thanks to Kellee from You + Me = Wiiiiii for helping me move all the stuff from my storage unit. Kellee's husband is deployed with Jeff and she drove from North Carolina to Washington around the same time made made our trek, so she and I have been doing our best to support each other since we're going through the same thing! She's an awesome blogger as well :)

Last and the most exciting news for today, Jack is CRAWLING! He started really going while we were staying with Jeremy and Marcy. He is quick! And nothing is safe. He really likes cords. So we've had to be extra careful about keeping track of where he is and what he's got his hands on. I only have a short clip right now, but I promise I'll have a better video soon.

Until daddy gets home, we are going to keep busy and hopefully as the weather gets warmer, we can get out and explore the Pacific Northwest a little more too. We can't wait to see aunt Erin in June and then the rest of our Ohio family in July/August! Love you all, keep us in your hearts and keep looking for updates.

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