Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tornado, please come again.

Random title, I know. I'm just looking at this mess (okay so mess is an understatement)... I'm looking at this disaster that is my stuff strewn throughout the apartment, and thinking it looks like a tornado came through this place. I've got boxed packed and sealed ready to go to Washington, I've got stuff that I haven't even touched, yard sale stuff that I didn't sell everywhere. My suitcase full of clean clothes from where I washed them all at mom's after coming back from Texas, my tv is sitting in the middle of the room unplugged, ahhhhhh and the list goes on and on. I wish the tornado that I'm blaming for this would make a second visit and just carry all this stuff away.

Despite the fact that I have a week and a half to get all of this stuff out of here and deep clean the place, I'm sitting on my bum. *Proceeds with list of useless excuses*... 1) I don't feel good, my allergies/asthma are at an all-time SUCK level. 2) Jack is napping and so I feel I have the right to do the same, because we had a hard morning of playing (okay, I lied we got up at 11am). 3) It's raining, so today wouldn't be a good day to venture out to take the stuff to goodwill? right? 4) I can't put my dirty laundry in the baskets until I get the goodwill stuff OUT of the baskets. 5) I consider myself a pretty experienced packer, and one that's able to get it done in a couple days if need be. 6) My dad has yet to tell me when he is available to help me move the big stuff. 7) I'm hungry so I should probably eat lunch. 8) Some stuff I am still using, so why try to pack it now? 8) I haven't figured out what to do with some stuff. 9) I can't clean until I move until the stuff out. 10) I don't wanna..

Is ten stupid, useless reasons enough for you? Because I could go on. I've got many floating around in my head up here. But no motivating thoughts? Why is that? Of course the "I need to pack, so I can move, so Jeff can come home" thought is there but it's not doing much for me. He's been gone for so long it seems normal, I haven't let myself get overly excited about it yet because of all the yes and no, changing dates, stop and go teasing that the Army is so famous for.

Sigh... getting off my bum now, wish me luck.

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