Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 8: Out and About

Forgive me if tonight's blog is lacking. I have a lot to do toinght so we can leave for OHIO in the morning. The boys and I are super excited to see everyone.
Today we ran some errands this morning, getting stuff done (that I really should have got done earlier this week, but who's keeping track?)
After the stuff we had to do, we did some stuff we actually wanted to do. Like, the park!
We got a real treat when the boys' friend Corbin (and favorite babysitter "Cole") came to join us
The three stooges in action
Corbin and Jack always have a great time playing together, and most the time that leaves little brother Jonah just triying to keep up. It's good to have friends (:
I also finished up Erin's birthday present today. Per her request, a slouchie beanie in navy, olive, maroon. I had a blast making this one and hope I get the chance to make a few more.
And because I believe everyone should go to bed having laughed each day
Happy Sunday

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  1. These are great pictures, I hope you have an amazing trip!