Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 3: Preschool Orientation and a sick Mama

See this girl?
She is NOT happy. 
I feel like someone ran me over with a truck. Headache, fever, body aches, no appetite. Perfect timing right? I'm hoping this means I am exempt from any further illness while my husband is away.
But I am being proactive about this situation.
I am having this for dinner (attempting to anyway).
Hot tea with milk and honey, oatmeal, and a constant intake of water. As soon as this post is written, I'm hitting the sack. Preferably before 9pm.
Enough of that.
Excited stuff happened today!
Jack and I attended preschool orientation! He will be going 3 days a week in the afternoons starting October 1st (though he may miss the first day, as we will be finishing up our trip to Ohio most likely). He is so excited. I totally said I would never be one of those moms. You know, the ones that sit in their car and cry after they've dropped their baby off for his/her first day of school. But honestly, I think I will be a little sad. Happy for him, because I know he will love it and learn a lot. Sad because a stage of mommyhood is over for me. That's selfish I know. It's just that I so enjoy my boys. They make me laugh, they teach me lots of things. I love having them both at home all day to keep me company. I'm not saying it won't be nice to be able to spend some one-on-one time with my littlest love, but I am saying that Jack will be missed during those 9 hours a week. How did you react to your baby's first day? Any tips? (Other than don't make a scene. I would not do that to my child, haha).
After orientation I swung by my friend Nicole's house to pick up Jonah, and we ended up walking to the park near her house. Jack and her 3 year old, Corbin, were so happy to play together. Jonah's favorite thing about the park is the swing, by far. Today, he enjoyed it a little more than usual though. You see, it was windy outside for the first time in a while... Jonah spent his time on the swing doing this:
 He is licking the wind. It, apparently, felt funny on his tongue. Haha.
I have to say, I'm a lucky girl to have such good friend around here to get me out of the house, and pick me up a sprite on the way home. But the thing that lifted my spirits the most today...
was seeing my husband's name with the little green "online" dot beside it (:
We have chatted a few times today in 15 minutes increments (his computer time allowance), and he was even able to call for about 10 minutes after orientation. I ended up in tears at the end again. (Sorry about that, babe). But, he was nice didn't even ask me if I was okay. I'm sure that sounds odd, if you aren't a military family. But the last thing you want as a deployed soldier's spouse is to let them hear you upset on the phone. It's a "thing".
Nothing else exciting to report so I'm going to pack up camp, and move it on upstairs to my big bed that's covered in pillows so it doesn't seem so big empty.
If you have one to spare, say a prayer I'm feeling better before my best friend gets here for girl time on Thursday. And more importantly, pray for Jeff as he's about to begin the second half of his journey to his final destination.

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