Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 2: Jack's Birthday!

Let me just say for the bazillionth time I cannot believe my baby is THREE.
Time really does fly when it comes to children. It just reminds me that the more I focus on my children during this deployment, the faster time will go!
Prepare for Jack photo overload.
He is about a week on in this one, his cheeks were so big. Everyone wanted to squeeze them.
Here he is at 6 months, big baby blues that could melt your heart.
At one year. And yes, most the time he was this happy (:
I think this is around 18 months, daddy surprised us one morning and had the car all packed before we woke up and took us to Ocean Shores to see the Pacific. It was cold, cold, cold. But so fun.
2 years old. Playing on the swingset at a friend's house.
Around 2 and a half. Cheesin' in the car (:
And this was last month, almost 3. Its just too good of a photo not to share.
Today my oldest boy and I, got a grilled cheese for lunch (per his request). Then we went to the theater to see his FIRST theater movie, Finding Nemo. He loved it (except for the part at with the sharks and the scary fish with the light up antenna, he wasn't so in love with those parts). On the way home I returned a phone call and found out the most exciting news of the day. The preschool finally has a slot for him. So tomorrow we go for orientation and he will start October 1st going M,W,F in the afternoons. He is soooooo excited. When I told him he said "SCHOOOOOOOL! I not pee in my undies so I can go to school yaaaaay" haha. I love my boy. P.S. Thank you Jackie for watching my littlest love during Jack and I's birthday date (:
We also were fortunate enough to be able to talk to daddy online for a few minutes AND get a 6 minute and 50 second phone call. *happy dance* I have to admit.. I cried after I had to hang up. Deployment is one big long roller coaster. That's the best way to explain it. You get so excited to hear their voice on the other end (even if it is delayed by 4 seconds and cutting in and out). But most the time those phone calls and your happiness is short lived. Hanging up is hard. Really hard. Part of you wants to yell into the phone, part of you wants to throw it, part of you wants to call the number back (even though you know it wouldn't connect if you did). It's an awful thing not knowing when you'll get to hear your husband's voice again. Could be hours, days or months.
On a good note, Jeff sounded great. I know lots of you are wondering. He sounded... solid, and ready to tackle the next 9 months. I'm sure he misses us terribly, and I miss him more than I could ever put into words but man am I a lucky girl. To have someone to miss, and that misses me in return.
Today has been a little easier in the emotional department. I have only cried as a reaction to something that upset me, not just out of the blue. I had to do laundry today (laundry is Jeff's thing) and I almost washed our clothes in just fabric softener. Silly thing for a housewife to do, right? But it's because I have a wonderful husband that does so much around the house that putting clothes in the washer was never something I had to worry about. Jeff if you read this, you should know that I have put your flag out every day (only to have to run out and save it from the rain) and I have remembered to feed the fish every day as well. I know you are proud. hehe.
I have a wonderful "battle buddy" in my friend Jackie. Her husband is deployed with the same unit as Jeff and she just so happens to live in my neighborhood as well. She and I have become closer friends over the past few months, and we are determined to get each other through this deployment.
Also on the topic of friends, I wish I had the time to thank each and every one of you who has sent a message, called, left a comment, anything. I can litterally feel the support behind me, pushing me to get through this. You all are an amazing help to me and my boys. I can't imagine having a better support system. I'm sure there will be days where I react unjustly to something that you say, or snap at you for no reason.. and I am apologizing now for that. Know that I love you and appreciate you ALL, even when I'm not good at showing it or telling you.
Jack ended his birthday reading a book with his daddy. Yes, you read that right. There's there amazing website called A Story Before Bed where parents/caregivers can login, record a themselves reading a book, and then the child can login and "read with their parent" at any time. Sounds awesome right? Even better is that they offer military families 69 FREE books to record. And they have apps for iphone/ipad. Jack and Jonah have already shown great love for this app. If you have a spouse deploying soon, or even just a loved one who's far away. I highly reccommend having them do this for your children
I have to confess that I have "read with daddy" without my children present a few times. Just to hear his voice and see him talking, it's soothing.
Time for this mama to hit the sack. We have to be up and at 'em for preschool orientation in the morning. Jack is going to be so excited and is going to expect Mama to be as well. What kind of mama would I be if I wasn't?
Here's to hoping I get woken up in the night by a phone call


  1. Well, it was my pleasure to watch Jonah. He definitely reminded me of my need to baby proof soon. Glad Jack liked his little cupcake too. I'd like to thank you just as much for helping me get by today. Having your presence really made a difference!