Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 4: Fall Kickoff

Our day started like this
I felt 10 times better than last night but still not quite up to par. Thankfully, the boys were super sweet and relaxed with me on the couch for a couple hours this morning.
Since they were so good, I realized that I shouldn't let my illness affect their day. It was a gorgeous, fall day outside and I decided we should celebrate that.
I got the idea from PlayDrMom who posted a great tutorial. So I decided to document our own version of the project and pass it on to you!
Coffee Filter Fall Leaves
What you'll need:
washable markers
coffee filters (cut them into the shapes of leaves)
Step 1: Color the leaves with markers. Scribbles are fine, so let the munchkins go crazy. (Don't worry about the table, as long as you use washable markers, the stains will wipe clean).
Dip the paintbrushes in the water and paint the leaves until they look something like this:

The water gives them an awesome watercolored look. Then set them to the side to dry.
(Again, don't worry about the table stains).
Jonah was a little more interested in chewing on the brush than painting, I think someone is about to cut more teeth. But no harm done, as it is just water (:
We did ours about noon and they were dry by dinnertime.
 Pretty cool huh?
Ours are getting packed up and shipped up to daddy, a little bit of fall for him. The boys were so excited to make something for daddy and we hope he loves them.
After lunch I was still feeling pretty good so we heading to the store for a long overdue grocery trip. I haven't put "real clothes" on since Jeff left. When your husband is gone, sometimes you just... don't see the point. Anyways, eventually you have to make an effort. It's better for you and the general public doesn't look at you as weird (:
So I tried out the new "red lips" fad today.
What do you think? Yay? Nay?
Either way, it made me feel a little bit better about myself.
After the store we ate a quick dinner and took a walk.
[sorry for the blurry photo]
Seems like we had a pretty good day when I write about it all. Emotionally, our day wasn't very good. We didn't talk to daddy all day. Jack finally had the mental breakdown I was waiting for. He started crying out of the blue, screaming "I WANT MY DADDY." It was awful. I didn't know what else to do so I sat down on the bathroom floor and cried with him. After what felt like forever, we both seemed to be okay and continued on about our day as usual. Breakdowns are going to happen, I suppose.
Just in time, right before bedtime. We finally got the phone call we were waiting for. Jeff sounded like he was in good spirits. He said we was missing his old unit though. Last deployment, he had a lot of friends in his unit, this time it's a little different. That's not to say he doesn't get along with the folks he is with now, it's just a different dynamic. A whole new ball game for him. He said that where he is now the phones are fairly busy as well. Despite everything, it was SO good to hear from him and I hope we cheered him up a bit (:
Time for bed


  1. How dare you do fun things without me! Those leaves look adorable! I want to try some with the boys. I'm glad you are feeling better and maybe tomorrow will be even better. Get your butt to the fabric store so we can get our stuffed husband project going! Glad you got to hear from Jeff. Hopefully Matt will call me tomorrow. He was sick yesterday so I am hoping he feels good enough to call instead of sleep.

  2. Love the lips, leaves and the fact that you are feeling better.