Thursday, June 30, 2011

One year ago today

You know that feeling...

Of anticipation...

And getting everything and everyone ready...

And then you finally see what you've been waiting for...

And your heart skips a beat because it (he) is right in front of you!

And then finally you get to hug him, to hand him his son (who he hasn't seen since he was two weeks old).

and then you finally feel like your complete again.

Yeah, I know that feeling :)
One year ago today, I brought him home after a year long deployment.

And I'll forever remember that feeling like it was just yesterday.


  1. Everytime I look at these pictures I get butterflies in my stomach! That was that most amazing day!

  2. As i was reading this i almost cried. im glad that he is back with u. your little family is adorable=]