Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gettled Settled

So far we have accomplished the following:

*bought rugs for the living room & boys' rooms
*unpacked ALL boxes
*bought Jonah's swing (it plugs into the wall, rather than going through 6 "D" batteries a week)
*put together Jonah's crib
*decided on a "theme" for Jack's new room (Trucks/cars/all things with wheels!)
*ordered new bedding for Jack's said room
*Washed all of Jonah's clothes to get them ready for him
*Been to both the comissary and Px more than once
*Enjoyed a local festival (Craig Morgan was there!)
*Started to hang wall decor
*Took Jack to the splash park
*Had two baby appointments at Blanchfield Army Hospital.
*Decided a second C-section is what's best for Jonah and I.
*Found out I'm severely anemic, upped my iron dosage, and started feeling much better and less exhausted.
*Jeff has started inprocessing.
*Jack has learned new words and phrases like "shoe", "sorry", "woo wee" (as in "woo wee, it's hot!" he picked that one up from me by accident), "huuuuhh ya!" (as in "huh ya, karate chop!"), and "nose"
*I scored a super cute maternity shirt for $6 from Old Navy last weekend that actually makes me feel cute being 8 months pregnant.
*Forgot how many bugs there were in the midwest in the summer, were reminded how many bugs there are in the midwest in the summer, bought bug zapper, bug spray, and a citronella candle immediately.
*I crafted something for our friends' baby boy (She's getting induced today, Congrats Amber and Mark!)

*I liked Trent's sign so much, I decided Jonah needed one too

It's starting to feel like home...

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  1. Glad to hear you're getting settled! You look adorable 8 months pregnant, by the way. :)