Monday, June 13, 2011

Post PCS Funk

If you've ever moved (whether you are military or not), you know how stressful it can be. And I'm not talking about the actual physical moving part of it...
I'm talking about things like [prepare for personal tangent]:

  • my new home doesn't feel like home
  • there's no children's salon here to cut my munchkin's hair, and the girl in the barber shop was annoyed with my baby boy (even though he was good and held still)
  • the thrift store here isn't as good as the one where I used to live
  • I get nervous just thinking about meeting with new friends, because... well... they are new and that's scary.
  • the fact that I'm nervous about friends annoys me
And that's just the beginning of my "pity me" party. Oy, I'm in a funk. Maybe being 8 months pregnant and the weather being 95 degrees and humid daily has something to do with it.. but I sure I hope I can bounce back soon.

Sorry to be so negative today. I guess I just wanted you all know that if you have PCSed/moved recently, or are getting ready to... it's okay to be "this way" about it, and completely normal. Just keep swimming... swimming... swimming...

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  1. It was good for me to read this.. we move in a little over three weeks.