Saturday, August 11, 2012

WOE Day 2 (Run for the Fallen & Air Show)

Man oh man,
there are some weekends that I'm just happy to spend lazing around the house with my family and then there are some we get out and just enjoy to the fullest extent.  

Fort Campbell became our (newest) home about a year ago. Since PCSing here, like any mili-family will tell you, we have found things we like about this post and things we do like. Then there are the things that you love, that you will miss when you move away. Week of the Eagles and Fort Campbell's MWR are some of those things. The 101st Airborne Division has history, lots of it. WOE is a chance for you to see that, to learn that, to feel that.

We started off our morning at 7am with the Run for the Fallen. It's a 5k run or a 2 mile walk. Runners wear bibs that say who they are running for. Most folks are military but it is open to the surrounding civilian community too. It's an experience I won't soon forget. You see the names on the runners' bibs, and it makes you proud to be a part of honoring our heroes. Then you read some of the shirts that say things like "My husband, my angel",  "In memory of my daddy" Or the one that really got me choked up.. a toddler with a t-shirt reading "I was daddy's last gift to mommy."

The boys were pretty good sports about it considering it was before their normal wake-up call. Jack even got out and ran a bit with daddy.

The Run was held at the Air Assault school here at Campbell, the flags represent fallen soldiers.

After the Run we went home to change, eat breakfast, repack supplies (aka sippy cups, diapers, etc) and then headed to the airfield for the Air Show

I was excited for the boys to see the show, but I wasn't expecting to be as impressed as I was. I felt like a little girl giggling and snapping photos as fast as I could.

My poor soft-hearted baby got so worried at first, he screamed and cried "Ahhhhhhh he's gonna crash!"
But after some explaining and some reassurance by the pilot repeatedly not crashing, Jack started to enjoy it.

He and daddy even climbed into a chinook to look around

About halfway through the Air Show Jack and Jonah were down for the count. They got some much needed naps and Jeff and I got to rest our tired legs. Between the Run this morning and the walk to and from the Air Show, we probably racked up at least 4-5 miles today before noon.

 Upon the boys waking, daddy told us all to get in the car. Being the compulsively nosey person that I am, I questioned him and begged for hints as to where we were going. I never got so much as a clue. He even went the long way around to get off post just to throw me off (:
I didn't have a clue where we were going until we pulled in the parking lot. Where, you ask?

Who doesn't love frozen yogurt??
I had mentioned I wanted to find a froyo place around here, but I never found a name or location.
My sweet, sweet husband came through for me though (:
It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Tomorrow, I get to head north on a roadtrip with my BFF Nicole. We are picking up her first born munchkin, Corbin (who's been with his daddy all summer) and my favorite sister-in-law, Lauren, who's spending a week with us. *happy dance*

Happy Saturday, hope y'all had a great one.

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