Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo Bombed!

I don't feel like writing a whole lot today.
I'm not feeling quite up to par lately. As soon as Jeff got home from work, I came upstairs and passed out on our bed. I missed dinner and everything. I definitely felt better after that nap, but I'm still battling whatever's got a hold of me.

Good news is, I always have lots of photos to make up for what I lack in literary creativity (:

During my second pregnancy, when I found out I was having another boy I fully expected that my life was about to be a "collection of shenanigans" if you will. I did not, however, expect the magnitude of entertainment that my three boys (husband included) would provide.
Exhibit A:

Annnnnd Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

A + B + C =

Upon waking up after his cat-nap, Jack was super excited to see all the construction outside.
No, I don't usually let my children sit on the table.. construction in our very own backyard is a. big. deal.

I also have been working on my pantry makeover the past few days.

I like labels, if you couldn't tell. And I came a awesomely organized pantry on pinterest full of jars and labels and I knew I had to try it. So this is the beginning. (:

At the end of the day Jeff and I were so excited to collapse in our bed. We rounded the corner upstairs and saw Jack's door open... and Jack was no where to be found. I flipped the hell out stayed calm.. and walked into our bedroom and found this in my bed:

How could I even be mad at that face?

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