Monday, August 13, 2012

Road Trip and WOE Day 3: Car Show

I spent my Sunday looking at this view...
for like SIX hours..

This is my best friend Nicole and six hour roadtrips make us feel like this:

But it was worth it because we made the trip to pick up this little dude
Corbin (:
Nicole hadn't seen her little guy since May, he spent the summer with his daddy in Ohio.

And THEN I just happened to find this straggler at a gas station in Louisville..
The boys were super excited to see aunt "Loh-len"

When we got back to Fort Campbell, I was feeling a little.. green. So the toilet and my face became aquainted and had a chat for a while.

Anyone who knows my husband, knows he's a "car enthusiest." If he had his way (and we were rich of course) he would have a garage full of old cars and trucks. As part of Week of the Eagles, a Car Show was held at the PX parking lot yesterday. So of course we had to take daddy and let him Ooooo and Ahhh.

Jeff wasn't the only one who was impressed, Jack had a blast. Just like daddy, he had ones he loved and one he... less than loved. (Jack made sure we stayed as far away from the Jurrasic Park Jeep as possible). And he loved the old red VW bug, although at first he said it was "broken" because the engine was "all gone" in the front. hehe.

This was the family favorite.
A black Pontiac LeMans with cream leather interior.

The car was dedicated to a father and a son, Daniel J Graham Sr. and SPC Kevin J Graham. SPC Graham was KIA in Afghanistan in 2009 while serving with 1-17 Infantry 5/2 SBCT.
(This is the same Brigade and tour that Jeff did his first deployment with)
RIP SPC Kevin J Graham

All in all it was a good Sunday, Happy Monday everyone (:

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