Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm pretty sure the boys are stealing my brain cells somehow. Went for a run/walk this morning and went the wrong way back to the house. Then, we went to donate some of our old clothes, and I drove away and halfway back home with Talulah's back hatch open. (Talulah is my beloved Kia Soul, in case you are out of the loop). Last but not least, I just gave Jack a turkey sandwich with maple syrup on it. Poor kid, he did eat it though. I should probably go back to bed and try again... But alas I cannot, that would only give them further access to my sanity (:

Today marks the first day of Week of the Eagles here at For Campbell. Soldiers from all over the 101st Airborne Division kicked off WOE with a 4 mile Division run this morning. If you have never seen something like this, it really is a sight to see. (I did not attend this morning, early mornings make my boys cranky). But here's a photo to give you an idea.

They just keep coming and coming. Thousands of soldiers take part. People stand on the sides and cheer and look for their loved ones.

Here's a photo of Jeff's company. Assurgam! I circled what you can see of the mister.

WOE will continue through next Friday with sports competitions, an air show, a free concert by Kelly Clarkson.

Tomorrow morning our family will be participating in the Run for the Fallen.

Despite the Army's "challenges" it's pretty cool to be able to take part in things like these.
Enjoy your weekend, I know I will (:

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