Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Famous!

Okay... so I'm not like "people recognize me on the street" famous... but someone thought my little piece of heaven here in cyberspace was special enough to share with others in the local newspaper! How cool, right?

The article ran in the Fort Lewis newspaper last week, and just posted online on their website today. (Which is why I'm just now sharing this news with you).

Click the link below to read the article!

I met with the wonderful Melissa Renahan (she wrote my article) a few weeks ago for coffee. I was so nervous and she was so nice! She made me feel very comfortable about sharing my experience with her. She said her editor had come across my blog somehow, and suggested she find me a write an article *pause for my "no way!" face* The fact that my blog lead to all this makes it even better. Thank you again, Melissa! You made me sound way cool! :P

Anyways, if you get a couple minutes, check it out! I'm so glad that my blog is actually reaching readers (and hopefully helping some out too)!


  1. Congratulations and keep it going :)

  2. This is so Awesome! I get a copy right...right?! ;)