Friday, April 8, 2011

The Sunny Side of Life

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am to move to Fort Campbell? The sun is shining today, and I can't wait for summer! Tennessee gets summer in May/June, which means it'll be hot, humid, and swimmin'-pool weather when we get there. I get smiley just thinking about it. There are certain things I will miss about Fort Lewis and Washington though.

In light of certain political events taking place lately, I'm trying hard to stay focused on the positive and think of the things that I LOVE about the military life. I never would have thought twice about the state of Washington, if it weren't for Jeff getting stationed here. I had never been west of Lousiana before I visited him here the first time. I've seen the beauty of America in my roadtrips, and will get the chance do it again soon and share it with my husband this time.

[gorgeous Montana river]

I've experienced what it's like to miss someone so badly, that when they finally do come home, you have no words. I forever will feel my stomach twirl when I think of June 30, 2010. Sure, the military is the reason he left in the first place... but they also are the reason he came home, they brought him home safely to me.

[Tears and kisses are the only way to express yourself this purely]

I've met amazing people. Some of which have become my lifelong friends. I have found a family in my military friends. How could I not thank the military for that?
For goodness sake, Kaylee was the first to know about this pregnancy, even before Jeff! Kellee helped me move Jack and I into this house, and was my partner in crime for the last month of Jeff's deployment. My life would be very different (and much sadder) without people like them.

[Kaylee and I vacationed together during deployment]

[Kellee, Jack, and I at a military spouse's retreat]

Point is, situations like our pending government shutdown really suck are unfortunate... but sometimes you have go through "the bad", just to make sure when "the good" does come along... you won't take it for granted.


  1. I agree Kate. It is unfortunate but I do have a lot to thank the military for too.

  2. P.s. I look fat in that picture lol... but either way... some days when the Army is jerking us around I try to think of the GOOD that has from from it, and there's a lot if you just start listing things. #1 being you and Jack (&and now Jonah) being in my life... ruv-a-roo!