Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm too lazy to think of an amazing title so "Stuff" it is!

First, I can't wait to get this man home! Only about a month left! He looks so good! And because this is a public website, I won't go any further than that ;)

Kellee & I went to the Romancing the Spouse event today in Dupont, like we had planned. Though it wasn't a total bust, it wasn't at all as we were hoping it'd be. We got a free massage (by some weirdos that think magnetic shoe insoles increase your energy and power), but hey, I'll listen to your bullcrap if it means a free massage. We signed up for lots of raffles, and got a free box of chocolates, 4 free tickets to the Space Needle, coupons for a free pizza, and I stole some pens. After getting a not-so-good makeover from some make-up consultants from Costco, we decided to call it a day. (Well okay, Kellee's looked good, mine made me look like I belonged on the corner). We ate lunch and she came over to help me with Jack's room and chill.

So here they are, pictures of Jack's room! (What I have done so far at least!). He still needs a crib, curtains, things for the walls, and more toys!

Munchkin loves it too! And he LOVES the bear daddy made for him, he smiles every time I push the button and he hears Jeff's voice!


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog, and I could have written your about me myself!!! My hubby and I got married at nineteen, we're twenty now, and he is in Iraq, due to come home in just two months! We have a four month old baby boy, and I am living back home with him until my husband returns! Crazy :)

    I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  2. I am replying to your comment on my weight loss post here, because I know how hard it can be to get back to the blog to check for a response (and I'm not sure if you check your email often or I'd just email a response.)

    We MUST be sisters that were separated. I am SUCH a picky eater, and I'm here to tell you that even picky eaters can eat healthy and lose weight. I mean, I pretty much hate all vegetables...but I work around it.

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